New powerful ranch management seminar available for producers |

New powerful ranch management seminar available for producers

Re-tooling Ranch Management is a new seminar developed by Master Stockman Consulting to help guide producers through the decision making process on a ranch. The seminar expands on previous seminars developed for Wyoming and Utah producers and takes a unique approach to teaching ranch management skills.

Two key factors make this seminar different from many other national ranch management seminars. First, we are confident that producers know and understand their ranch better than we do. Given this fact we do not teach a turnkey solution, instead we focus on tools that ranchers can utilize to make better decisions on their operations. Second, we believe in a multiple instructor approach and are confident that participants benefit from multiple areas of expertise.

Profitable ranchers actively manage their ranches in an effort to control costs. By scrutinizing spending they are able to create sustainable ranches. Profitable ranchers also invest in their future. Two investment categories that have proven to be successful are genetics and pasture/range improvement.

This seminar provides ranchers with the economic tools to analyze changes and investment opportunities that can improve their profitability. Additionally this seminar teaches specific tools to utilize in genetic improvement and pasture/range improvement. Ranchers participating in past programs have utilized these tools to improve their decision making abilities. Decisions on a ranch can result in profit or loss of thousands of dollars. Master Stockman Consulting as worked with many producers during the seminar helping them make decisions that created or saved from $500 – $20,000 or more.

The first offering of this seminar will be in Kansas City, KS on January 19-21. For more information about the seminar visit

–Master Stockman