New website helps cattlemen grow more grass |

New website helps cattlemen grow more grass

Fueled by herd expansion, cattlemen continue to look for ways to boost rangeland and pasture production. A new website from Dow AgroSciences can help.

“When grain prices skyrocketed, it reminded producers about the value of forages,” explains Whitney Murphy, Dow AgroSciences Range & Pasture product manager. “High grain prices also converted thousands of acres away from grazing. We’re working to help livestock producers make existing grazing acres more productive.” features resources and tools cattlemen and land managers can use to improve their rangeland and pastures:

Weed and brush species identification

-How-to videos

-Product information, including recommendations, rates and specimen labels

-Mixing guides and other downloadable literature

-Success stories from cattlemen

-Information on restoring habitat and managing sensitive sites

The site functions across multiple platforms, including mobile. Users can access the site features from anywhere with a cell signal or wireless connection. That comes in handy when identifying weeds or confirming application methods in the pasture.

“Forages continue to be the cattlemen’s lowest-cost feed source,” Murphy says. “Low-value undesirable plants crowd out desirable forage species and decrease the carrying capacity of grazing land. Through sound grazing management and a good, integrated weed control program, we can help producers capitalize on market opportunities while keeping a sharp eye on costs.”

Visit the new to learn more about enhancing rangeland and pasture production.

–Dow AgroSciences