Newell Ram Show & Sale expands to include all sheep breeds; Boer and Nubian goats |

Newell Ram Show & Sale expands to include all sheep breeds; Boer and Nubian goats

The Newell Ram sale will celebrate its 66th annual sale Sept. 15-16, 2011 at the Ram Sale Pavilion at Newell, SD. When this sale started back in 1946 there were many, many large range flocks of sheep in the area that the sale benefited. The founding father’s mission stated: The purpose of the show and sales are to help build the sheep industry of Western South Dakota and adjoining sections of other states.

As a result, growers are able to acquire the highest class of stud rams and ewes necessary to improve flocks without having to travel long distances to acquire such animals. The use of better rams and ewes is proven as the best and quickest means for growers to get more pounds of wool and lamb. More production helps the industry survive the intense competition of foreign wool and lamb and synthetic fiber. For these years, the Newell Ram Show & Sale has lived by this mission, limiting the breeds of sheep to these large range flocks used: Columbia, Corriedale, Hampshire, Rambouillet, Suffolk and Targhee.

Times are changing. Sheep numbers have declined and there are fewer large range flocks and more farm flocks with goats gaining popularity. Thus, the Newell Ram Sale committee has decided to change with the times.

The Newell Ram Sale is now open to all breeds of sheep. As always, stud rams and ewes must be registered with a nationally-recognized registry association; range rams will need to be eligible for registration. If the buyer of range rams request, the seller must provide them with registration papers on the range rams. The committee is also adding fall-born classes.

The Premiere of Range Rams picked by the Newell FFA Students will be changed from “Pen of Five Range Rams” to “Premiere Pen of Range Rams,” whether it is three-, four-, or five-head. This change was needed due to buyers not having the need of five rams at a time, as a result, there have not been as many pens of five entered in recent years.

With the increase in popularity of goats, the committee is adding Boer and Nubian goats to the 2011 show and sale. In sticking with the original mission statement, the committee is looking for the highest class of stud bucks and does. Goats must be registered with a nationally-recognized registry association. The classes for the goats will be bucks and does, yearlings up to 18 months old, fall born kids, kids born during current year, and pair of doe class for kids and yearlings. There will not pens of goats other than pair of does. A goat show will also be held.

Entries for the 2011 Newell Ram Show & Sale are due July 10. Contact Newell Ram Sale, 14406 Trae Ct., Rapid City, SD 57701; visit the Web site, or e-mail

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