Next Step in National Forest Plan Revision: Proposed Action Available for Review |

Next Step in National Forest Plan Revision: Proposed Action Available for Review

Bozeman, MT – The Custer Gallatin National Forest is releasing the proposed action as part of the Forest Plan Revision for a formal 60-day comment period running until midnight March 5, 2018. The Forest Plan Revision effort is about halfway through the four-year process and the team is seeking comments from the public that are solution-oriented and can help to shape alternatives.

The proposed action represents an interdisciplinary approach from many specialists across the Forest, as well as consideration of input received from the public, other agencies, best available science and direction associated with the 2012 planning rule.

“The proposed action is a good starting place for the Custer Gallatin Forest Plan,” said Virginia Kelly, Forest Plan Revision Team Leader. “Specialists across the Forest have worked together complementing one another’s fields and also looking for areas that required deeper problem solving. Public comment is a critical part of the plan revision effort and one of the best ways to stay involved throughout the four-year process.”

Input received is reviewed and used to help create a range of alternatives and prepare the environmental impact statement (EIS). All documents are available online at by clicking on Forest Plan Revision – Proposed Action as well as at community libraries and limited hardcopies upon request. Commenting electronically is highly encouraged through the online commenting system due to the high number of comments anticipated. Submit comments by:

· visiting online at – click on Forest Plan Revision – then click on Commenting through the online comment tool or directly at:

· via email at with subject line “Comment draft plan – CGNF,”

· by mail to Custer Gallatin National Forest, Attn: P.O. Box 130, (10 E Babcock), Bozeman, MT 59771.

Comments received are part of the public record and the Forest Plan Revision is subject to the objection process. Only individuals who have submitted substantive formal comments related to plan revision will be eligible to file an objection.

–Editor’s note: This is the Forest Plan that may, eventually, include the decision to recommend two parcels within the Slim Buttes of Western South Dakota as Wilderness. This decision has yet to be made. Don’t hesitate to make your voice heard with comments to the plan authors.

Click here to go directly to the proposed action.

– Custer Gallatin National Forest

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