NILE 2015 Premier Herdsman to be awarded trailer |

NILE 2015 Premier Herdsman to be awarded trailer

The 2015 Premier Herdsman at the NILE Stock Show and Rodeo will be awarded the use of a trailer for one year sponsored by KR Rauch and Wilson Trailers.

A few of the items which the Premier Herdsman is judged on are: cleanliness of animals and stall area, observance of all rules and regulations, cooperation with the show officials and other exhibitors, and exhibiting an attitude of good sportsmanship.

“KR Rauch/Wilson Trailers has been a long standing partner of the NILE and we are excited that one lucky winner will get to pull a Wilson Trailer for a year,” commented Jennifer Boka, General Manager of the NILE.

The trailer will be on display in front of the building during the week of the NILE.

The winner must insure the trailer for full coverage. The trailer is to be returned to KR Rauch, Billings, MT on or by Oct. 15, 2016. An option to purchase the trailer will be available to the winner at a discounted price.

The Premier Herdsman will be announced Saturday, Oct. 17 during the Supreme Row Show at 5 p.m. in the Expo Center.

–the NILE

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