NILE Angus female sale is October 16 |

NILE Angus female sale is October 16

The featured NILE Angus female sale on Oct. 16 in Billings has new energy this year with the start of a new junior heifer futurity program and a lineup of cattle with outstanding genetics representing a wide range of purebred consignors.

That’s the word from key organizers, who conduct the event at MetraPark fairgrounds in the Sandstone Building. Each year, the Saturday Angus sale and cattle shows draw hundreds of producers from Montana and surrounding states.

In addition to Angus events, NILE attendees also find time to enjoy the Gold Buckle horse sale and shows on Oct. 16-17 and the PRCA NILE Rodeo that runs from Oct. 11 to Oct. 16.

Kathy Creighton-Smith, president of the Montana Angus Association, sees renewed energy focused on the long-time female sale with the change in the sale location and the start of junior heifer futurity.

“We are hoping the heifer futurity will motivate young people in Montana and neighboring states to purchase these outstanding heifers and then come back next year and show them in the breeding classes,” Creighton-Smith said. “We raised several thousand dollars of premium money and we are now working out the details for next year.”

She said the sale has been a perfect place for seedstock breeders to showcase this state’s genetics because they have been handpicked by Conover Auction Service, Inc.

This year the sale features 112 hand-selected lots that include 58 open heifers, 26 bred heifers, four registered steers, one choice of the whole herd of heifer calves, 22 embryo lots and one semen lot.

“We control the numbers to keep the quality up,” she noted. “There are a lot of the highly-recognized breeders with heifers along with a number of smaller breeders who are raising some great genetics,” she said. “There is a lot of hidden gold present from some of those breeders. We’ve had some great heifers coming out of the sale, so it’s a win-win for everyone with a lot of maternal-bred cattle and some show heifers there for the kids.”

Larry Trexler, sale co-chair, said that Montana Angus officials are working to build the sale into a elite type of event.

“Like any consignment sale, we are trying to help all of the breeders,” he said. “We are encouraging junior members to more breeding stock as well as just showing market steers.”

Trexler said the only way for juniors to obtain the added premium money is to purchase a heifer at the sale and show it the following year in the NILE show.

Conover Auction Service of Baxter Iowa has been managing the sale for ten years.

Conover staff member Gary Wall said he spent 43 days in Montana looking at 90 different sets of cattle to make the selection.

“It’s a great place for breeders to showcase their cattle,” Wall said. “There have been some great heifers that have come out of it over the years.

As an example, Wall said in 2002, a Focus VR heifer calf sold for $1,700. Her first calf was ER Patriot P that sold for $37,000 at the Edwards sale.

In another case, Vermilion Ranch sold a bred heifer to Deiter Brothers. Her bull calf was the top selling lot for $20,000 at the Dieter Brothers sale.

The sale catalog is being printed in early October and is available online at

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