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NILE Beef Showmanship

Grand Champion Junior Showman:

Animal- Lazy H Ever Entense 6007

Sire- LHR First Down 3613

Name- Maguire Rohr

Hometown- Elbert, CO

Reserve Champion Junior Showman:

Animal- LAzy H Rita 5011

Sire- Basin Payweight 1682

Name- Madalyn Rohr

Hometown- Elbert, CO

Grand Champion Intermediate Showman:

Animal- StreamSide Firstlady C22

Sire- Dameron First Impression

Exhibitor- Trista Bates

Hometown- Manhattan, MT

Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman:

Animal- Lazy JB Queen Latifah 525

Sire- Dameron C-5 American Cla

Exhibitor- Hailie Conley

Hometown- Montrose, CO

Grand Champion Senior Showman:

Animal- Camblin Erica 426

Sire- Duff Hobart 8302

Exhibitor- Mackenzie Camblin

Hometown- Maybell, CO

Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman:

Animal- TLS HLC Ruth 5022 RS

Sire- EXAR Denver 2002B

Exhibitor- Brooke Vincet

Hometown- Moccasin, MT

–the NILE

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