NILE Foundation established to endow the mission |

NILE Foundation established to endow the mission

For several years the concept to one day have a NILE Foundation had been mulled over and discussed. There was no question that the need for a supporting arm to the NILE Organization would truly be a benefit to continue the work and mission as set forth by the founding directors in 1967.

Gary Adams took over as president of the NILE in January of 2008 and began pushing towards the goal of establishing a NILE Foundation. The purpose of the Foundation, as stated in its bylaws, is for the organization of an unincorporated charitable support endowment trust, to be administered for the benefit of the NILE and its programs. In August 2009 the NILE Foundation began operating and in April 2010, received notification by the IRS that our application was accepted for tax exempt status under a 501 (c) (3). This marks a tremendous milestone for the NILE Organization and sets the process in motion to begin building a solid financial base for the future of the organization.

The NILE Foundation’s bylaws where written to accommodate a variety of ways gifts or money could be given to the NILE with full tax benefits for the donor. Donors have the ability, if so desired, to target their donation to a specific program or area of the NILE, as well as how and when they wish the proceeds to be distributed. To date the NILE has already received money from sponsors, grants, and/or individuals that are supporting the organization.

Currently, Gary Adams is serving as chairman of the committee that will establish the NILE Foundation Board of Directors. As we look forward, the role of the NILE Foundation will be very significant to future and strength of the NILE and all of its events and endeavors.

The NILE’s mission states the role and purpose of the organization to be dedicated to the promotion of livestock, agricultural education and respect for our western traditions. If you believe in that mission and would be interested in giving to the NILE Foundation, please feel free to call the NILE office. Through gifts to the NILE Foundation, you can solidify the work that maintains that mission statement and ensures a future of the NILE Organization.