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NILE JR. Fed Goat

Reserve Champion Jr. Fed Market Goat:, Animal- Thor/24, Exhibitor- Katie Banister, Hometown- Florence, MT

The Northern International Livestock Exposition (NILE) Stock Show hosted the JR. Fed Goat Show, Monday October 17. The judge for the JR. Fed Goat Show was Brandon Anderson from Graham, TX.

Grand Champion Beginner Showman:

Animal- Max/543

Exhibitor- Eliza Dugan

Hometown- Jerome, ID

Reserve Champion Beginner Showman:

Animal- Mr. Goat/1275

Name- Braysen Burch

Hometown- Casper, Wy

Grand Champion Jr. Showman:

Animal- The Man

Exhibitor- Myah McCafferty

Hometown- Parkdale, OR

Reserve Champion Jr. Showman:

Animal- Bambino/0241

Exhibitor- Simon Raff

Hometown- Nunn, CO

Grand Champion Sr. Showman:

Animal- Bargain

Exhibitor- Sheldon Jahnsen

Hometown- Curtis, NE

Reserve Champion Sr. Showman:

Animal- Jango/6388

Name- Korina Potter

Hometown- Casper, WY

–the NILE

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