NILE Jr. Fed Swine Show |

NILE Jr. Fed Swine Show

Grand Champion Swine:Animal- Odell/WSF/8740Exhibitor- Haydn MadsenHometown- Platte Co, Wyoming

The Northern International Livestock Exposition (NILE) Stock Show hosted the Jr. Fed Swine Show Sunday, October 11. The judge for the Jr. Fed Swine Show was Brandon Anderson of Haskell, Texas

Showmanship classes:

Grand Champion Beginner Showman:

Animal- Just Wait/81-6

Exhibitor- Cooper Lane

Reserve Champion Beginner Showman:

Animal- Little Pig/6454

Exhibitor- Sage Romsa

Grand Champion Jr. Showman:

Animal- Cash/8345

Exhibitor- Chase Taylor

Reserve Champion Jr. Showman:

Animal- Spot/191

Exhibitor- Haygen Kogianes

Hometown- Utah

Grand Champion Sr. Showman:

Animal- Odell/WSF-8740

Exhibitor- Haydn Madsen

Reserve Champion Sr. Showman:

Animal- Howard/7902

Exhibitor- Logan Despain

Hometown- Laramie, WY.

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