NILE Merit Heifer Show |

NILE Merit Heifer Show

Reserve Champion Merit Heifer: Exhibitor-Sydney Cutler, Donor-KG Ranch

The Northern International Livestock Exposition (NILE) Stock Show hosted the Merit Heifer Show and the Progeny Pen Parade on Friday, Oct. 16. The judge for the Merit Heifer Show was Clint Sexson of Pendleton, Oregon.

3rd Place Merit Heifer:

Exhibitor-Coby Guenzler

Donor-Klompien Red Angus

4th Place Merit Heifer:

Exhibitor-Reianna Reiter

Donor-Timberline Ranch

Top Herdsman Award:

Exhibitor-Konnar Knotwell

Donor-Oedekoven Angus

Grand Champion Showman:

Exhibitor-Konnar Knotwell

Donor-Oedekoven Angus

Reserve Champion Showman:

Exhibitor-Wes Brown

Donor-Bank of Baker.

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