NILE Merit Heifers awarded to 25 youth |

NILE Merit Heifers awarded to 25 youth

BLLINGS, MONT. – The Northern International Livestock Exposition (NILE) is proud to announce the 2010 NILE Merit Heifer Program recipients. The Merit Heifer program is a “live animal” scholarship that strives to help youth get a start in the beef cattle business by awarding heifer calves to participants chosen based on merit, future goals and ability to care for the animal. Any youth ages 13-17, who is a 4-H or FFA member may apply. During the program duration, participants are responsible for raising the heifer, arranging for her to be bred, completing the record keeping procedure and bringing the animal back one year later as a bred replacement heifer for exhibit at the NILE Stock Show.

The following 25 individuals will be receiving heifers for the 2010 program. In addition, the ranch that is donating the heifer is listed after the recipient:

Recipient: Kelsie Blevins – Charlo, MT; Donor: K G Ranch – Three Forks, MT *

Recipient: Raquel Boyd – Alder, MT; Donor: Mytty Angus Ranch – Florence, MT *

Recipient: Laura Frazee – Stevensville, MT; Donor: Fleton Angus Ranch – Springdale, MT *

Recipient: Royce Mercer – Hyattville, WY; Donor: K 2 Red Angus – Wheatland, WY *

Recipient: Matthew Metcalfe – Moccasin, MT; Donor: Green Mountain Angus Ranch – Ryegate, MT *

Recipient: Kensey Mikkelsen – Hobson, MT; Donor: Sidwell Land & Livestock – Columbus, MT *

Recipient: Kevin Murnin – Miles City, MT; Donor: Mydland Angus Ranch – Joliet, MT *

Recipient: Sadie Reddick – Belgrade, MT; Donor: Holden Herefords – Valier, MT *

Recipient: Quinn Steffen – Belfield, ND; Donor: Bullis Creek Red Angus – Wood Lake, NE *

Recipient: Whit Weingart – Winnet, MT; Donor: Currant Creek Angus Ranch – Roundup, MT *

Recipient: Brooke Vincent – Moccasin, MT; Donor: Pingestzer’s Six Iron Ranch – Shoshoni, WY *

Recipient: Riley Dalke – Worden, MT; Donor: Padlock Ranch – Ranchester, WY *

Recipient: Ashley Giedd – Washburn, ND; Donor: Beery Land & Livestock – Vida, MT *

Recipient: Ashley Kalco – Laramie, WY; Donor: Powder River Angus – Arvada, WY *

Recipient: Chante Merrill – Riverton, WY; Donor: Paint Rock Angus Ranch – Hyattville, WY *

Recipient: Jessica Wyse – Manhattan, MT; Donor: Angelo Cattle Co. – Drummond, MT *

Recipient: Cadence Younkin – Glasgow, MT ; Donor: Clark’s Fork & 3C Livestock – Fromberg, MT *

Recipient: Sky Caufield – Shepherd, MT; Donor: C & A Cattle Co – Nye, MT *

Recipient: Katherine Dawson – Belt, MT; Donor: Rock Creek Red Angus – Joliet, MT *

Recipient: Daryn Wolff – Shepherd, MT; Donor: Hilltop Angus – Denton, MT *

Recipient: Steven Hoffman – Shelby, MT; Donor: Gardner Angus Ranch – Winnett, MT *

Recipient: Madison Malsam – Chinook, MT; Donor: Redland Red Angus – Hysham, MT *

Recipient: Ashley Hartman – Lewistown, MT; Donor: Klompien Red Angus – Manhattan, MT *

Recipient: Tyler Knust – Laurel, MT; Donor: Walborn Cattle Co. – Hardin, MT *

Recipient: Christian Torralba Stieber – Hardin, MT; Donor: Inderland Angus – Big Timber, MT *

Bill Pelton, Merit Heifer Chairman, stated, “This program would not be possible without the generous support of our donor ranchers and we are very grateful to them.”

Anyone interested in applying for the NILE Merit Heifer Program or interested in becoming a heifer donor can visit or call the NILE office at (406) 256-2495 for more details.

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