NILE Poundmaker Show |

NILE Poundmaker Show

Reserve Champion Bull:Animal- Frasers The StreakSire- DLCC Sure Thing Too 119TExhibitor- Frasers RanchHometown- Lincoln, California

The Northern International Livestock Exposition (NILE) Stock Show hosted the Poundmaker Show Tuesday, Oct. 13. The judge for the Poundmaker Show was Cheramie Viator of Childress, Texas, and Caleb Boardman of Laramie, Wyoming.

Reserve Champion Female: (no photo available)

Animal- Haycow Fine Wine

Sire- DLCC ShurLoc 99W

Exhibitor- Haycow Cattle Co.

Hometown-Lincoln, California.

Grand Champion Bull: (no photo available)

Animal- Haycow Bootlegger 437C

Sire- DLCC ShurLoc 99W

Exhibitor- Haycow Cattle Co.

Hometown- Lincoln, California.

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