Bootheel 7 Livestock wins for 2nd year in a row |

Bootheel 7 Livestock wins for 2nd year in a row

Billings, MT–The eleventh annual Farstad Oil Ranch Rodeo Finals at kicked off the official start of the NILE Stock Show & Rodeo.

The team from Lusk, Wyoming won it again. Bootheel 7 Livestock took home the championship title for the second year in a row. Andrew Wasserburger, Eric Wasserburger, Lance Hladky, and Lane Hageman consistently scored high in each of the events.

Lance Hladky rode for 76 points that earned them third place in the Ranch Bronc Riding. They loaded their three cows the fastest in the Team Trailering earning them first place in that event. In their strongest event, Bootheel 7, won the Team Branding with a time of 37.5 seconds–a ten second margin on all the other teams. They came up second in Team Doctoring, just barely winning first. Luckily, they had a good lead going into Wild Cow Milking because they placed eighth. Overall the team had 40 points to take home the trophy.

Each year the NILE selects a Top Horse and Top Hand–MVP’s of the ranch rodeo. This year’s Top Horse took home a collection of great from Big Sky Tack. Duhons Hickory Mate “Hickory,” ridden and owned by Jaime Wood of the Hamilton Ranch Team received the honor of Top Horse. He is a 9-year-old sorrel gelding.

Jason Phipps had several fans last night. For the first time in NILE Ranch Rodeo History, fans made signs for some of the contestants to cheer them on. He also was recognized by the judges as the Top Hand. Jason rode for the Sand Springs Cattle Co. Team and took home a custom saddle from Connolly’s Saddlery.

The ranch bronc riding had eight qualified rides, and the top two tied for 82 points. Joel Baer riding for Horse Creek Hay & Cattle Co. as well as Layne Durfee from Cow Camp Supply earned the Top Bronc Rider award. Both rides were flamboyant and creative–just want the rules encourage in the Ranch Bronc Riding. Each man will take home a beautiful custom buckle from Montana Silversmith’s presented by the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame.

Good news and bad news was delivered to Sand Springs Cattle Co. Team. The bad news is they came in last place, but they won custom scarves from Wild Rags by Lois as a consolation prize.

Reid Ranch and Four Three Land & Cattle tied for second place with 32 points total.

Justin Palmer, Kip Hunter, Brandi Hunter, Jess Reid, and Stetson Merrill–the team from Idaho, Reid Ranch had a solid performance in each event. Stetson Merrill earned a 71 points in the bronc riding for seventh place. They were second in Team Trailering, and Team Branding. They took first in Team Doctoring and unfortunately had a no time in the wild cow milking.

The Four Three Land & Cattle team of, JD Williams, Boe Simmons, Clayton Ashurst, and Chris Laucomer , together won fifth in bronc riding, third in team trailering, third in team branding, seventh in team doctoring, and third in wild cow milking. Chris Laucomer had 73 points in the bronc riding.

Fourth place went to Broken Arrow Livestock: Travis Krein, Brandon Moody, Rusty Martin, and Stetson Erickson.

Fifth place was also a tie between Cow Camp supply and Hooks Ranch. Wearing maroon scarves for Cow Camp Supply was Luke Hutchinson, Jo Beth Hutchinson, Clay Clarke, and Layne Durfee. Donning the pink scarves for the Hooks Ranch were Jace Hooks, Rachel Mitchell, Mike Lloyd, and Braden Grant.

Seventh place was awarded to Steppler Ranch comprised of Alex Munoz, Ruben Munoz, Alberto Rico and Wayne DeWitt.

For their debut NILE appearance, the Horse Creek Hay & Cattle Co. Team won eight. Their team is made up of Colter Scidmore, Clay Scidmore, Joe Sandru, Justin Auger, and Joel Baer.

Ninth place came out to also be a tie for two teams that also competed for the first time at NILE. The Hamilton Ranch and Trail Creek Land & Livestock had the same total number of points at the end of the night. Helping the Hamilton Ranch win their 16 points was Jaime Wood, Cameron Carroll, Sam Wood, Katie Scidmore, and Jack Graham. On the Trail Creek Land & Livestock team was Justin Dixon, Kevin Campbell, Lucas Line, Colton Nielsen, and Tanner Solberg.

Eleventh place went to Ed Hinton, Jeret Warren, Cody Perry, Tyra Fuhrman, and Dakota Gaustad of the Glasgow Stockyards team. It was a bucket list item checked off for team captain, Ed Hinton. He’s been wanting to qualify for NILE Ranch Rodeo at least once, and now he can say that he has.

Overall, the night was filled with exciting rides, excellent roping, top notch team work, and a celebration of the Western heritage. The inaugural Wyoming night was a success with the section of seats reserved for Wyoming fans full of brown and gold. After the events wrapped up Kyle Shobe and the Walk ‘Em Boys took to the stage for the Dance in the Dirt concert. Hundreds of spectators came down from their seats to the arena floor for great music.

Thanks to all the volunteers that helped, the sponsors that support, and the family businesses that contribute to the success of the Farstad Oil Ranch Rodeo Finals at the NILE.


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