NILE Top Herdsman Awarded to Frank Herefords |

NILE Top Herdsman Awarded to Frank Herefords

Billings, Mont–Frank Herefords from Columbus, Mont. takes home the K.R. Rauch Wilson Trailer for winning the 2018 Top Herdsman Award at the NILE.

Each year cattle exhibitors are judged on their presentation during the NILE Stock Show. The criteria for winning is based on: cleanliness of stall area, observance of rules and regulations, cooperation with show officials, sportsmanship to other exhibitors, and knowledge of breed/s being shown. Those that exemplify these attributes win the use of a Wilson Trailer from K.R. Rauch for a year.

This year’s winner is Frank Herefords based out of Columbus, Mont. They are self-described as “a small herd that just keeps getting better every spring!”

Congratulations to Frank Herefords and all exhibitors who were in the running for the Top Herdsman Trailer. Thank you to K.R. Rauch and Wilson Trailers for providing this awesome award.


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