NILE welcomes 2015 interns |

NILE welcomes 2015 interns

Tara Welborn, Lindsay Clairmont, Brianna Tasker, and Kelcy Schaunaman. Not Pictured: Jake Zielke, Natalie Johnson, and Danielle Lawrence. Photo courtesy NILE

Billings, MT–The NILE has selected eight interns for the 2015 stock show and rodeo to help the next generation embrace the western way of life.

The purpose of the internship program is to provide an outstanding opportunity to gain training and work experience in the livestock and equine industries as well as events based business through the NILE Stock Show and Rodeo.

Joining the NILE team for a dozen days are: Emily Albert, Ashtin Bechtold, Aneliese Gibson, Layton Hrubes, Katelin Malm, Olivia Morton, Taryn Russell, and Katie Sperling.

These college students bring a variety of personal experience and specialties to help make the NILE run smoothly. They come from six different states and will be representatives from their respective universities.

Emily Albert is a sophomore at Oklahoma State University and will assist the livestock department.

Ashtin Bechtold is a senior from Oklahoma State University, she fills the rodeo intern position.

Aneliese Gibson comes from Colorado State University as a senior and will be the equine intern.

Layton Hrubes is a junior from Montana State University and is a livestock intern.

Katelin Malm is a senior from the University of Wyoming and will be assisting with media relations.

Olivia Morton studies at Oregon State University and is a junior. She will help with livestock and media relations.

Taryn Russell comes from the University of Wyoming and is a livestock intern.

Katie Sperling is a junior at North Dakota State University and will help in the livestock department.

Encouraging the next generation to stay in the agriculture industry or get involved with the agriculture industry secures the western lifestyle that the NILE strives to preserve and embrace. By offering internships to college students, it makes these young adults more employable and gives them a peak into the community of agriculture.

–the NILE

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