Sale Report: Niobrara Red Angus |

Sale Report: Niobrara Red Angus

Corey Plendl, Maurice, Iowa, got a couple Niobrara Red Angus bulls.

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk

Date of Sale: March 9, 2020

Location: Stockmen’s Livestock, Yankton, SD

Auctioneer: Dan Koupal


39 Yearling Red Angus bulls – $3924

This was only the 3rd Annual sale for Niobrara Red Angus, but it is evident that they are driven and have a passion for breeding deep-bodied thick cattle. Though they are very number conscious in terms of EPDs, they don’t let that dictate the entire program. The main emphasis at Niobrara Red Angus is fertility, longevity and profitability.

Top selling bulls include:

Lot 1, NIO Roughrider 9055, a 2/19 son of Red Ringstead Kargo 215U, epds CED 14 BW -1.2 WW 52 YW 76 Milk 25. This bull was the Reserve Champion Red Angus bull at the NILE and Division II Champion Red Angus bull at the National Western Stock Show. Selling for $10,000 to Nick & Elizabeth Pope, Califon, NJ.

Lot 40, NIO Spur Franchise 9001, a 1/19 son of Spur Franchise of Garton, epds CED 14 BW -3.1 WW 63 YW 108 Milk 27 selling to L & L Land and Livestock, Culbertson, MT for $7,250.

Lot 29, NIO Cinch 9012, a 1/19 son of PIE Cinch 4126, epds CED 14 BW -2.6 WW 63 YW 100 Milk 23 selling to Terrance Pinkelman, Wynot, NE for $6,000.

Lot 9, NIO John Wick 9081, a 2/19 son of Six Mile John Wick 882E, epds CED 11 BW 0.1 WW 67 YW 110 Milk 19, to Merlyn Ammann, Wilmot, SD for $5,500.

Lot 16, NIO Signature 9093, a 2/19 son of Six Mile Signature 295B, epds CED 11 BW -0.4 WW 58 YW 95 Milk 25 selling to Brad Klug, St. Helena, NE at $5,250.