No deal to avoid USDA shutdown |

No deal to avoid USDA shutdown

Senators are returning to Washington to try to work out a deal with the House to avoid a partial government shutdown that would include the Agriculture Department and the Food and Drug Administration.

But President Donald Trump today tweeted that there will be a shutdown “that will last for a very long time” if Democrats don’t vote to fund the border wall with Mexico.

Although Trump earlier said he would be glad to take credit for a border wall-related shutdown, today he tweeted that the Democrats now “own” the shutdown.

Trump also tweeted today that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., should end the 60-vote requirement in the Senate to move toward a vote, but McConnell refused. McConnell has gone to the White House to meet with Trump.

The White House press pool sent out a notice that it had received no information on the meeting and suggested that people “hold on your hats. And also your phones. And probably move toward a television.”

If the government shuts down, it is likely that when the Democrats take charge of the House on January 3 they would put forward a funding bill that the Senate could support.

Last week, Trump signed an executive order to close all government agencies on Monday, Christmas Eve, as well as Tuesday, Christmas Day, which is a federal holiday.

–The Hagstrom Report