No Mexico tariffs, but lots of concerns |

No Mexico tariffs, but lots of concerns

Mexico and the United States reached an agreement on border security last week so that President Donald Trump did not move forward with plans to impose a 5% tariffs on all Mexican goods coming into the United States, but business leaders expressed concerns about the future use of tariffs and Trump tweeted many times that the deal was a good one.

The Business Roundtable, which represents nearly 200 CEOs of American companies, said Friday it “expresses relief upon the president’s decision not to impose tariffs on imports from Mexico and the progress made on migration issues between the two governments.”

But the group added, “We remain deeply concerned about using the threat or imposition of tariffs to press policy changes with our neighbors and allies. We continue to urge the administration to work with our trading partners constructively and in ways that do not inject uncertainty and cause harm to the U.S. economy.”

After a U.S. Chamber of Commerce official criticized the deal today, Trump criticized the chamber.

Trump also tweeted that Mexico would make big agricultural purchases, but Bloomberg reported that there was no deal with Mexico on ag purchases.

Lobbyists also pointed out that sales to Mexico are commercial sales to private companies, so that the Mexican government could not make such a promise.
–The Hagstrom Report