No stars shining on 2nd Ropes and Goats |

No stars shining on 2nd Ropes and Goats

Even with the threatening clouds and no stars in sight, it was a pleasant evening on the second Ropes and Goats of the season Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at Faith, S.D. Jess Harper won the $5 by reciting Psalm 147:4 “He determines the number of the stars and calls each by name.”

There were 35 entries with Mikenzy Miller winning the T-shirt as the high-money winner. The next Ropes and Goats is on June 18, 2013. For a five-dollar bill, memorize Joshua 1:9.

Ropes and Goats Results: (Everyone got three head)

Junior Junior Boys and Girls Goat Ribbon Snatching:

1. Sidni Ferguson, 17.64 seconds, $30

2. Jess Harper, 21.72 seconds, $18

3. Bobby Brewer, 23.36 seconds, $12

Junior Girls Goat Tying:

1. Mikenzy Miller, 28.80 seconds, $75

Junior Boys Goat Tying:

1. Cole Brewer, 34.97 seconds, $15

Senior Girls Goat Tying:

1. Alix Thorstenson, 26.08 seconds, $40

Open Girls Goat Tying:

1. Echo Veit, 25.84 seconds, $30

Junior Girls Breakaway:

1. Mikenzy Miller, 3.85 seconds(on 1 head), $60

Junior Boys Breakaway:

1. Trevor Olson, 19.91 seconds, $60

Senior Girls Breakaway:

1. Tanielle Arneson, 9.0 seconds (on 2 head), $80

Open Girls Breakaway:

1. Lorna Shoemaker, 17.24 seconds (on 2 head), $120

Calf Roping:

1. Cody Trainor, 29.22 seconds (on 2 head), $90

–Ropes and Goats

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