North Dakota: 2011 Grass-N-Beef Research Review set for Jan. 26 in Streeter |

North Dakota: 2011 Grass-N-Beef Research Review set for Jan. 26 in Streeter

Grazing topics will be among the issues discussed at the North Dakota State University Central Grasslands Research Extension Center’s annual Grass-N-Beef Research Review set for Wednesday, Jan. 26.

The event will begin at 10 a.m. with a welcome from Paul Nyren, center director, followed by opening remarks from Ken Grafton, North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station director and dean of NDSU’s College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources.

Sessions will be held throughout the day. The presenters and topics are:

• Using annual cover crops to extend grazing – Kevin Sedivec, professor and NDSU Extension rangeland management specialist

• Effects of grazing pressure on the efficiency of grazing on northern Great Plains rangeland – Bob Patton, range scientist at the Central Grasslands center, and A.J. Smart, professor in the Animal and Range Sciences Department at South Dakota State University

• Culture and agriculture: Living and working on the Coteau – Tom Isern, professor, NDSU History Department

• China, hay bales and economics – Chip Poland, chair, Department of Agriculture and Technical Studies, Dickinson State University

• New animal research program at the Central Grasslands center – Bryan Neville, center animal scientist

• Grazed native pasture traps greenhouse gases – Mark Liebig, soil scientist, U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service, Mandan

• Screening and evaluating legume species/varieties for forage production, soil health and cover crops – Guojie Wang, forage agronomist at the Central Grasslands center

• Production and sustainability of perennial biofuels crops – Nyren

• Use of patch burning for revitalizing native prairies – Amy Ganguli, professor, NDSU School of Natural Resource Sciences

• A naturalist’s guide to the Coteau – Chuck Lura, biology professor, Dakota College at Bottineau

• Producer discussion and interaction – Jerry Doan, chair, Central Grasslands center advisory board

The Central Grasslands Research Extension Center is four miles north of Streeter, ND, or 11 miles south of Interstate 94. From I-94, go south on North Dakota Highway 30 to 48th Street, then five miles west to 48th Avenue. From there, go one-quarter mile south.

The program is free of charge and will include a catered lunch. Registration is not required.

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