North Dakota: Adventure awaits at 4-H camps |

North Dakota: Adventure awaits at 4-H camps

Want to learn archery, hunting skills or how to shoot a rifle?

How about taking ATV training or learning to work with fibers such as yarn and thread or make jerky and identify animal tracks?

The 4-H Camp near Washburn has a camp for that.

4-H Camp also has camps where youth can learn how to groom and show livestock, care for a horse or express themselves with arts and crafts, as well as go swimming, canoeing and fishing; go on nature hikes and trail rides; play sports; learn about birds and other wildlife; compete in 4-H’s version of the “Survivor” game; dance; stay up late to enjoy night challenge games; and sit around a campfire.

Other camps are specifically for youth from military families or youth from military-connected families, such as brother, sisters, nieces or nephews of someone in the military.

Youth from military families learn about different military branches, work in adult-led teams to complete tasks and form bonds with other youth from military families, take part in action-packed activities, experience leadership roles while engaged in team-building events, go swimming and hiking, and enjoy campfires.

Military-connected youth participate in fun traditional 4-H camping activities along with sessions that focus on the life events youth face as a military family member. They also learn outdoor skills, such as archery and fishing, and make friends.

The camps are open to all youth ages 5 to 18, not just those who are 4-H members.

Registration for this summer’s camps starts March 1.

Here are the dates and age group for the camps:

• May 31-June 4: Livestock Camp, 8 and older; Wish I Had a Horse Camp I, 8 to 10

• June 5-9: Outdoor Adventures for Military-connected Youth, 8 to 12

• June 8-11: Barrel and Pole Horse Camp, 8 and older; Horsemanship Camp, 8 and older

• June 12-16: Survivor Outdoor Recreation Camp, 9 and older

• June 17-18: Cloverbud Camp, 6 to 8

• June 19-23: Trail Riding Horse Camp, 8 and older; Wish I Had a Horse Camp II, 8 to 10

• June 26-30: Military Youth Camp I, 8 to 11

• July 5-9: Wildlife Adventure Camp, 11 and older; Discover Camp, 8 to 11

• July 10-14: Military Youth Camp II, 12 to 15

• July 17-21: Beginning Outdoor Skills Camp, 10 to 15

• July 24-28: Adventure Camp, 8 to 12

• July 31-Aug. 4: Fun With Fiber Arts Camp, 10 to 15; Night Owls Camp, 11 and older

“We are committed to providing a safe environment where children can make new friends and develop new skills while enjoying the beauty of the cottonwoods along the Missouri River,” said Brad Cogdill, director of the North Dakota State University Center for 4-H Youth Development. “Staff members are trained in nature, crafts, recreation, first aid, human development and working with youth to ensure a high-quality experience for campers.”

For more information or to register, visit or call 701-231-7251.

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