North Dakota Angus operation honored for historic herd of cattle |

North Dakota Angus operation honored for historic herd of cattle

The Historic Angus Herd Award is presented to Angus breeders or immediate families who have been in continuous production of registered Angus cattle for 50 years or more. The American Angus Association® is honored to recognize Evenson Angus Farm of Hettinger, ND, with the Historic Angus Herd Award.

More than a century ago, Will Evenson founded the family homestead in 1907 and became the first of what would be four generations on the ranch.

Will’s son, Ernest, and his wife, Lillian purchased the existing ranch in 1945, and began a dairy operation. In 1952, they purchased 12 registered Angus females from the famous Henry Henke herd of Hannover, ND. This purchase patented the Ernest Evenson and Sons registered Angus herd. In 1972, Ernest and Jillian sold the ranch to their sons, Bill and Wally.

Since then, the farm has expanded to approximately 11,000 acres, and since 1980, has held 31 annual productions sales. The Evenson’s have also consigned numerous top-performing and top-selling bulls to the annual North Dakota Angus Bull Test Sale. The herd sire, Rally New Frontier 5233, was also selected as the second ranked bull of the 2006 Midland Bull Test Sale and went on to be a proven Pathfinder Sire.

Throughout the ranch’s development, the Evenson’s have used technology to improve their herd, including artificial insemination, performance testing and ultrasound. The family has collected carcass data on 550 head of home-bred, raised and fed steers, which achieved 97 percent Choice or higher, 20 percent Prime and 46 percent Certified Angus Beef® (CAB®).

In November 2011, the historic Evenson Angus complete cow herd dispersal marked the first-ever Angus registered females sold as breeding stock.

However, the 2010 and 2011 heifer crops were retained to carry the program into the seventh decade. Today, the herd consists of 400 registered Angus cows for breeding stock and another 150 purebred Angus cows run as commercials.

The operation continues to be family owned by Bill and Eleanora Evenson, Trevor and Carrie Strand, Wally Evenson and Rodney Evenson.

– American Angus Association

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