North Dakota approves additional herbicide to manage resistant weeds in soybeans |

North Dakota approves additional herbicide to manage resistant weeds in soybeans

BISMARCK – Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring has issued a Special Local Needs (SLN) registration to Syngenta Crop Protection LLC enabling North Dakota soybean growers to manage weeds with Flexstar® herbicide.

The LLC has requested a new SLN registration for Flexstar to provide soybean growers another option when choosing products to control weeds in parts of North Dakota.

“Weeds such as ALS and glyphosate-resistant kochia are becoming more common and more difficult to control,” Goehring said. “Without new products, these problematic weeds can devastate fields and develop more resistant traits.” Currently Flexstar can only be used in North Dakota east of U.S. Highway 281. The SLN labeling allows Flexstar to be used in an additional 26 counties in North Dakota. The SLN maintains the lowest maximum use rate from the Section 3 label, has more restrictive crop rotation intervals and an application cutoff date.Users must comply with all restrictions, precautions, and the directions found in the SLN labeling, and a copy of the labeling must be in the user’s possession at the time of application.This SLN registration is effective immediately and expires Dec. 31, 2021.Section 24(c) of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act gives states the authority to register additional uses for federally registered pesticide products, or new products to meet special local needs. For more information, contact Pesticide Program Manager Jerry Sauter at 701-328-2980 or 1-800-242-7535.North Dakota is one of the major soybean growing states in the U.S. F

–North Dakota Department of Agriculture

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