North Dakota: Kidder County 4-Hers win hippology contest |

North Dakota: Kidder County 4-Hers win hippology contest

A Kidder County (ND) team placed first in the senior division of the 4-H hippology contest at the North Dakota Winter Show in Valley City.

Team members are Krista Gross and Megan Gross of Napoleon and Kristin Dewald of Steele. Erin Rohrich is the team’s coach. Krista Gross also was named the high individual scorer in the contest.

The Mercer County team placed second, Stutsman County’s team placed third, the Sargent County team placed fourth and the Barnes County team placed fifth.

Mountrail County’s team placed first in the junior division. Team members are Veronica Enander, Haley Goodall and Bobbi Hennessy of Stanley and Cheyenne Liedle of White Earth. Jim Hennessy is the team’s coach.

The Barnes County team placed second and Sargent County’s team took third.

Hippology is a contest of equine knowledge. Participants take a written test; identify equipment, feeds and parts of the horse; and solve a team problem.

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