North Dakota landowners asked to help Wyoming ranchers |

North Dakota landowners asked to help Wyoming ranchers

BISMARCK – Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring is notifying North Dakota landowners with available pasture and grazing land that Wyoming livestock producers are in need of land available for leasing.

“Wyoming farmers and ranchers have been dealing with severe to moderate drought in the eastern part of the state since early spring.” Goehring said. “The situation has reached a critical point, and many producers are looking elsewhere for grazing land for their animals.”

Goehring said Wyoming Department of Agriculture Director Jason Fearneyhough contacted him asking about the possibility of Wyoming cattle being moved to North Dakota.

“With the conditions the way they have been in Wyoming, we have a lot of producers looking for other options for their operations,” said Fearneyhough. “To help alleviate the issues that Wyoming producers are facing, we hope producers in surrounding states have some grass available for rent.”

Fearneyhough said producers who are interested in providing grass to rent for Wyoming producers can contact the Wyoming Department of Agriculture at 307-777-7321.

Dr. Beth Carlson, North Dakota deputy state veterinarian, said all cattle imported from other states must meet North Dakota’s health requirements.

“Wyoming cattle producers who are considering moving their cattle to North Dakota should contact an accredited veterinarian to ensure the animals have had necessary tests and have health certificates,” Carlson said. “North Dakota landowners can be held responsible for animals on their property that have been imported without meeting requirements.”

In addition to the usual import requirements, North Dakota requires that all sexually intact animals, 18 months of age, from eight Wyoming counties bordering Yellowstone National Park must be tested for brucellosis within 30 days prior to import.

North Dakota’s livestock importation requirements are available at

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