North Dakota protesters in standoff with law enforcement over trespass attempt |

North Dakota protesters in standoff with law enforcement over trespass attempt

Morton County authorities and others have arrested protesters near the Dakota Access Pipeline who have trespassed onto private or U.S. Army Corps of Engineer land. Photo courtesy Morton County

Law enforcement is currently engaged in a standoff with protesters on the banks of the Cantapeta Creek. Protesters are trying to gain access onto private property also known as the Cannon Ball Ranch. Early this morning, law enforcement witnessed a group of protesters building a hand-made, wooden pedestrian bridge across the Cantapeta Creek. Officers responded and ordered protesters to remove themselves from the bridge and notified them that if they cross the bridge they would be arrested.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has given Morton County orders to remove the make-shift bridge and arrest protesters who cross for criminal trespass. Law enforcement used a boat to pull the bridge apart.

Protesters continued to gain access by swimming and using other boats to get across the river.

Law enforcement continue to notify protesters that anyone who cross the river and enters Corps or private property will be arrested.

Protesters involved in this activity are violating numerous federal and state laws.

In addition, Morton County arranged with SRST leaders, including Chairman Archambault to have the property that was left at the north camp to be delivered to a designated location on the reservation to be picked up. This was done this morning.

–Morton County