North Dakota sheep starter flocks announced

For the 14th year, North Dakota State University Extension and the North Dakota Lamb and Wool Producers Association offered North Dakota youth an opportunity to become involved in the sheep industry and build their own flock.

Youth recipients for the Starter Flock Discounted Loan Program receive an interest-free loan to purchase 10 yearling Rambouillet ewes from the association. The association will buy the ewes from NDSU’s Hettinger Research Extension Center. The youth pay back 70% of the value of the ewes. To be eligible to receive ewes, youth must be 10 to 18 years old.

The 2022 starter flock recipients are:

Josh Moser, Medina – 18 years old

Anton Geller, Ellendale – 16 years old

Elly Pearson, Beach – 14 years old

Laken Geller, Ellendale – 14 years old

Marie Sands, Bottineau – 12 years old

Tessa Nelson, Zahl – 11 years old

Tyler Hofland, Reeder – 11 years old

McCall Dockter, Medina – 11 years old

Arabelle Geller, Ellendale – 10 years old

Teddi Dockter, Medina – 10 years old

Ten young shepherds received an interest-free loan to purchase a starter flock. NDSU
Courtesy photo

“We had an impressive group of 14 applicants for this year’s starter flock program,” says Travis Hoffman, NDSU Extension sheep specialist. “Sheep production offers opportunity to grow a business for youth, learn record keeping and manage finances.”

Youth receiving the ewes are assigned a mentor, who will be available to answer the youths’ questions and help them with recordkeeping and setting management goals. More than 120 young producers have learned about sheep in North Dakota through this program.

North Dakota starter flock recipients picked up the ewes in Hettinger on Sept. 17 and attended a beginner’s shepherd clinic hosted by North Dakota Lamb and Wool Producers Association leaders and Hettinger Research Extension Center staff. Topics included animal health, nutrition and management for their newly acquired ewes.


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