North Dakota trespass bill still alive

North Dakota SB 2315, the bill that would update North Dakota’s outdated trespass laws was heard in the House Ag Committee and House Energy Committee March 14. Even after six hours of testimony, the committee will be open for further testimony at its next meeting, March 21. The second hearing is intended to allow those who weren’t able testify March 14 because of the weather, the chance to share their thoughts.

Several hunting groups are lobbying hard against this bill that would update the “posting” regulations for North Dakota landowners.

Currently, hunters and others are legally allowed to enter private property without permission in North Dakota if the land is not posted with the proper number of “no hunting” and “no trespassing” signs at the proper locations with the proper information including the landowner’s phone number. The bill would give landowners the ability to “post” their land through an electronic database that will be available to the public. Landowners would have the option to register their land as “open to hunting,” “closed to hunting,” or “open with permission,” meaning hunters must gain permission before entering.

The bill passed the North Dakota Senate earlier this session.

–Staff Report