Nourish With Lamb Culinary Medicine Workshop |

Nourish With Lamb Culinary Medicine Workshop

The American Lamb Board (ALB) partnered with Australia and New Zealand to host a hands-on culinary medicine workshop for dietitian influencers in New Orleans, LA.

Eight leading dietitians from across the United States convened at the Tulane Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine for the Nourish With Lamb event. They received a deep dive into the various cuts of lamb, how to prepare them and lamb’s role in a healthy diet.

“The Nourish With Lamb culinary medicine workshop was a great opportunity to integrate lamb producers and nutrition thought leaders,” said Peter Camino, ALB chair from Buffalo, WY. “Our long range plan supports this type of collaboration and communication to inspire health and nutrition professionals and provide information about nutrient-rich lamb.”

During the two-day seminar, dietitians learned from David Fischer, ALB Board member in West Texas, about how he manages his herd and land. Kris Doll, a local New Orleans butcher, conducted a live butcher demonstration to explain the location of different cuts of lamb.

Lastly, attendees heard from registered dietitian and chef, Heather Nace, director of operations at the Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine. Chef Heather led sessions on the Culinary Medicine Model, which blends the art of food and cooking with the science of medicine, and its basis in the Mediterranean Diet, along with a cooking demonstration highlighting ways to build flavor using different cuts of lamb.

During the event attendees participated in hands-on cooking sessions while learning how to pair lamb with fresh herbs, spices and vegetables. Some of the recipes included Lamb Mushroom Burgers, Lamb Bolognese and Lamb Stew.

On the final day of the workshop, attendees were grouped together with a different cut of lamb and challenged to create their own recipes from scratch.

Nourish With Lamb will host another culinary medicine workshop for leading dietitian influencers in September of 2022.

Nourish With Lamb is a collaborative initiative between the United States, Australia, and New Zealand lamb producers to increase awareness in the United States of the nutritional value of lamb and its place in a healthy American diet.

ALB is an industry-funded national research, promotion and information checkoff program that works on behalf of all American producers, feeders, seedstock producers, direct marketers and processors to build awareness and demand for American Lamb. ALB conducts promotion and research programs with the goal of creating greater demand and profitability for the entire industry. One of its long-term goals is to collaborate and communicate with industry partners and stakeholders to expand efforts to grow, promote, improve and support American Lamb.

–American Lamb Board

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