NRHA welcome Silver Spurs Equine as a Corporate Partner |

NRHA welcome Silver Spurs Equine as a Corporate Partner

Silver Spurs Equine has now joined the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) as its newest Corporate Partner. The Association is pleased to welcome Michael and Michelle Miola to the Corporate Partner family as title sponsors of the prestigious Rookie of the Year program.

“Anyone who has spent even just a fraction of time with the Miola’s knows about their passion for Reining and about the love they feel for the horse. They bring unbridled enthusiasm and energy to the sport of Reining. We look forward to collaborating with them on many projects in the future,” said Todd Barden, Senior Director of Sponsorship & Television Programming.

Michael Miola talked about his reasons for becoming an NRHA Corporate Partner, “The main reason for our involvement is our love for the sport. It has changed my life, and it has changed Michelle’s. We want to repay this debt we owe to the sport by becoming more involved and sharing our love of Reining. That’s why we are also sponsors of NRHA Inside Reining. We think Reining should be the most popular sport on television, and we will continue to work toward that goal with NRHA.”

Silver Spurs Equine is creating a reining legacy one stallion at a time. Their legacy begins with NRHA Hall of Fame and Million Dollar Sire Boomernic, the stallion that ushered in the modern era of Reining with Brett Stone in the driver’s seat. They continue that legacy with Conquistador Whiz, Spooks Gotta Gun, and Nic It In The Bud, stallions that are truly destined for greatness. Silver Spurs Equine’s philosophy is based on the belief that the true value of a stallion lies not only in his stud fee, but also in the value of his offspring. To show this, they offer the finest stallions at reasonable prices and create partnerships with their breeders. They provide lucrative Futurity Incentive Awards and arm breeders with the knowledge and confidence that Silver Spurs will continually support them by promoting their stallions and their offspring. To find out more about Silver Spurs Equine, visit them online at or search for them on Facebook.

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