Nutrena equine nutrition specialist, Zak Miller to speak at Copper Spring Ranch Feb. 16 |

Nutrena equine nutrition specialist, Zak Miller to speak at Copper Spring Ranch Feb. 16

Courtesy photoNutrena equine nutrition specialist Zac Miller will present a lecture titled, "Feeding your High Performance Horse," on Feb. 16 at the Copper Spring Ranch starting at 6 p.m.

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Zak Miller, an equine nutrition specialist for Nutrena, is the featured speaker at the Feb. 16 winter lecture series being held by the Copper Spring Ranch (CSR) Equine Sports Medicine Center. The free program begins at 6 p.m. in the Copper Spring Ranch indoor arena near Bozeman, MT, and is open to the public.

Miller is scheduled to speak about the topic: “Feeding Your High Performance Horse.” His specialty with the Cargill Company is forage analysis and ration quality improvement.

“It is important to get the right foundation with the forage,” Miller noted recently while taking about the upcoming lecture. “So it is important to take the forage analysis and then use it as the basis for the animal’s nutritional program. The other feeds you use are just supplementing the forage so we need to get more in lockstep with the forage first.”

Miller has worked for Nutrena as a nutrition specialist in the states of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada and Utah for the past five years.

He is a frequent guest lecturer at his alma mater, Brigham Young University-Idaho, and he has been a special guest speaker at Utah State University, the University of Idaho and College of Southern Idaho.

In addition to his work for Nutrena, he is an owner-manager of his family’s farm and commercial cow-calf operation in eastern Idaho that also includes over a dozen American Quarter Horses.

Miller and his wife, Marcy, have three daughters: Hallee, Blyss and Sicaly. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and working on the ranch.

Zak and Marcy recently received the Excellence in Agriculture award from the American Farm Bureau Federation for the work in equine nutrition for the states of Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and Utah. In addition, their work ranked in the top-ten nationally for the year.

The CSR equine sports medicine center is located at Copper Spring Ranch, where it serves as a regional referral clinic, surgery facility, reproduction center, sports medicine and general equine veterinary practice which is open to all horse owners.

For additional information, contact the CSR Equine Sports Medicine Center at 406-522-4044 or go to

– Copper Spring Ranch

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