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NWSS Commercial Female Show and Sale signals an end to arena’s use

A pen of commercial Hereford heifers returns to their pen in the Yards after the National Western Stock Show Commercial Female Sale. These pens and the cat walk above them just north of the Exchange Building were still untouched by planned renovations.
Photo by Rachel Gabel

Cattle from six different operations in Colorado and Wyoming made their way up the alley and into the turquoise pipe of the Livestock Center Auction Arena in the Yards at the National Western Stock Show. The show is deeply rooted in the history of the Yards with producers each entering carloads or lots of 10 head of either heifer calves or bred heifers.

The heifers are typically judged by a panel, and then sold at 1:30 p.m. before a crowd of commercial and purebred cattlemen. Sidwell Hay and Cattle, Carpenter, Wyo., earned Grand Champion Commercial Heifers with a pen of Simmental cross bred heifers. Weathers Family Farms, Yuma, Colo., earned Reserve Champion Commercial Heifers with a pen of black baldie bred heifers. The same pens were champion and reserve in the yearling bred heifer division.

The Champion Heifer calves were exhibited by Carnahan Ranches, Kiowa, Colo., which has exhibited cattle at each of the National Western Stock Shows since 1906. The Reserve Champion Heifer Calves were consigned by Weather Family Farms.

The sale averaged $16,772.22 with nine total lots sold by Sidwell Hay and Cattle, Weathers Family Farms, Carnahan Ranches, Gabel Farms, Wiggins, Colo., Park Range Ranch, West Walden, Colo., and the North Park Stockgrowers, Walden, Colo.

The Livestock Center Auction Arena is slated for demolition prior to the 2021 NWSS to make way for new buildings over the next seven years. F

— Gabel is an assistant editor and reporter for The Fence Post. She can be reached at rgabel@thefencepost.com or (970) 392-4410.