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Oakwater Ranch/Rocking Arrow 2012 Charolais Bull Sale

Oakwater Ranch & Rocking Arrow brought a stout set of yearling Charolais bulls to town for their 29th Annual bull sale held April 10, 2012 at Valentine Livestock Auction, Valentine, NE.

The Oakwater/Rocking Arrow program is based on performance cattle and balanced trait selection with added emphasis on calving ease. The bulls in the sale were above the breed average for growth EPDs, but 20 percent below breed average for birth weight EPDs. These cattle will perform in the feedlot, and you won’t have to baby-sit them at calving time.

With the strong feeder cattle market, adding an Oakwater Ranch bull to your crossbreeding program will give the benefit of additional pounds to sell at weaning time.

The top-selling bull was Lot 54, OW Sandcreek Y14P, a polled Jan. 2011 son of MC-OW Sandcreek 375 that had an 805-pound weaning weight, 1,337-pound yearling weight and EPDs of BW -4.8, WW 29, YW 36 and Milk 8. This bull had a ribeye area of 16.27 and IMF ratio of 127. Gabe Schnuelle Charolais, Jansen, NE, was the buyer at $9,500.

Lot 21, OW Maximizer Y3P, a polled Jan. 2011 son of DC-OW Maximizer 385P with EPDs of BW -4.0, WW 26, YW 40 and Milk 10 sold to Dennis Posse, Wolbach, NE, for $7,000. This bull had a 15.7 ribeye and ratioed 120 for IMF.

Selling at $6,500 was Lot 17, OW Design S519-Y105, a Feb. 2011 son of OW Design S519 with EPDs of BW 1.2, WW 39, YW 72 and Milk 18. This bull weaned off at 792 pounds to ratio 117 and posted a yearling weight of 1,453 pounds to ratio 112.

Lot 7, OW Design Y24P, a Jan. 2011 son of DA New Design 104P, weaned off at 776 pounds and had a 365-day weight of 1,422 sold to John Koenig, Ewing, NE, for $6250. This bull has EPDs of BW -0.7, WW 37, YW 60 and Milk 8.

Lot 77, OW Expediter T062-Y194P, a March 2011 son of OW Expediter T062, sold to Matt Kramer, Stapleton, NE, for $6,250. This bull had a 205-day weight of 761 pounds to ratio 113 and yearling weight of 1,526 pounds to ratio 117 with EPDs of BW 2.4, WW 33, YW 70 and Milk 13.

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