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Quinn ‘Twinkles’ Marie Kougl: 2015-2018

Quinn ‘Twinkles’ Marie Kougl, age 3, was born on Nov. 11, 2015 to her loving parents William and Justine, and her amazing big sister Nora and big brother Cody. As she would want it with her full of sass attitude we will cut right to the chase, being born with Treacher Collins Syndrome (TCS) was a blessing and a curse. Never a day went by without concern over her airway and health due to TCS. This airway issue somehow caused her to occlude despite a multitude of surgeries, blocking her airway completely and she was unable to be saved despite the best efforts of her parents, the ambulance and the flight crew. She left this earth way too early on Dec. 17, 2018.

Quinn was known by many through her family, friends, and the Tour of Kindness teaching talks she did with her family, to teach others about acceptance and differences. Her personality lit up any room she walked into, her eyes were soft and gentle, and her attitude was tough as nails. She had a twinkle in her eye always, and no one ever knew what she was planning next as she always was up to something with her siblings.

Quinn and Nora loved to play in the fort and barn with Pancho the pony, riding double on Nora’s big-girl bike and their on-going battle over whose dog Holly is, will never be forgotten. Cody and Quinn had a bond that you wish all little sisters could have with their older brother, going on dirt bike rides, sledding, and drawing together were some of their favorites. Quinn showed Nora and Cody how important it is to be unique, be yourself, and most of all have a little attitude (much to their parent’s enjoyment) and they taught her how to love.

Quinn loved the ranch life, she loved horses, chasing cows, riding dirt bikes with her dad, riding horses with her mom, and yelling at all those pesky calves in the corrals. She kept right up with Nora and Cody on the ranch helping and being Dad’s right hand gal whenever he needed fencing and feeding help. In Quinn’s short 3 years on this earth, she taught her family everything they could ever need to know about true kindness, true admiration, true strength and true beauty. Those gifts she gave to her family and all around her will be forever remembered in her memories.

Quinn will be forever in our hearts and minds. She is always and forever loved by her siblings, Nora and Cody; her parents, Justine and William; her godparents, Aunt Marie and Uncle Richard Gross. Her grandparents, Gerry and David Pabst, Albert and Deleen Kougl; great-grandparents Joyce and John Pabst, and Sharon and Whitey Keller. Her aunts and uncles, Aunt Krystle and Uncle Casey Doud, Aunt Jewel and Uncle Matt Poss, Uncle Ty and Aunt Kelsey Pabst, Uncle Danial Kougl. And of course her cousins, Allison, Natalie, Rance, Clancy, Maci Jo, Sophia, Calissa, Cadey, Clay John, and Liam. Honorary grandparents Ed and Malea Richards and honorary aunt Lauren White.

Memorial services will be held 10:30 a.m. Dec. 20 at the Kougl Family Ranch in rural Busby. Bullis Mortuary has been entrusted with the arrangements