Olympians Spread the Build Your Base Message

Build Your Base Olympians pose for a picture with SD Jr Beef Ambassadors after they talked with students in Kimball School District. SDBIC | Couirtesy photo
Build Your Base Olympians talk with students in Brandon Valley School District. South Dakota Beef Industry Council | Courtesy photo
Build Your Base Olympians pose for a picture with SD Jr Beef Ambassadors after they talked with students in Kimball School District. SDBIC | Couirtesy photo
Pierre, SD – The South Dakota Beef Industry Council (SDBIC), Beef Logic Inc., and Sanford Health welcomed three Build Your Base Team USA Olympians back to South Dakota December 5-8, 2022. U.S. Pole Vaulter, Chris Nilsen; U.S. Hammer Thrower, Deanna Price, and U.S. Shot Put Thrower, Payton Otterdahl shared their experience with the program as part of a multi-state program training. As a follow up to the training they visited multiple schools and universities and rounded out the week with visits to some of the state’s VA Medical Centers.
These Build Your Base athletes know the importance of having a high-quality protein like beef included in their training and as part of their healthful lifestyle. “Our Olympians are in a constant training and/or recovery mode so it is very important that they keep their nutrition top of mind and this makes them great advocates for health to our young athletes,” states Beef Logic Director of Nutrition, Holly Swee.  
Team USA Olympian, Deanna Price explains, “As a professional athlete you need the highest quality source of fuel. Beef is a nutrient dense protein. Not only does it provide high quality protein but it has vitamins and minerals that are essential for not only performance but for everyday living. I am constantly working and utilizing every muscle in my body and I have to do everything I possibly can to keep it healthy and operating at full capacity.” Price was excited to travel back to the state to share how the program continues to impact her performance.
The athletes’ schedules were full as they began their SD experience on Monday, December 5thwith the multi-state Build Your Base training at the Sanford Pentagon in Sioux Falls, SD. “I am excited to be a part of spreading the message about this program because if you truly implement it, it works. The Build Your Base Program continues to play a major role in my training. Eating well is such a big part of competing well, and they absolutely do their part,” said Team USA Olympian and Silver Medalist, Chris Nilsen.
Tuesday, December 6th through Thursday December 8th placed athletes in area schools and universities across the state including stops at Brandon Valley, Kimball, Philip and SD School of Mines and Technology. Athletes discussed their road to a successful athletic career, shared their personal stories, and discussed the role nutrition plays in both their performance and recovery. “Being a strength athlete all my life, I have always needed to be conscious about what I use to fuel my body. Beef is one of the main staples in my diet because it is high in protein, zinc and vitamin B that I need to build muscle mass and maintain a healthy body at high levels of competition,” said Team USA Olympian, Payton Otterdahl.
Olympians wrapped up their experience Thursday December 8th as they paid tribute to America’s heroes with a visit to the Fort Meade VA Medical Center in Sturgis, the Hot Springs VA Medical Center and the Michael J. Fitzmaurice State Veterans Home in Hot Springs, SD. Beef Logic, Inc. Executive Director, Suzy Geppert was excited to bring them back to South Dakota. “We are so proud of the work these athletes do on a day-to-day basis to support our product and the farmers and ranchers who raise it. They understand the nutritional value and importance of high-quality protein like beef as they work alongside us to increase the impact of a healthful lifestyle with families from across the world.”
South Dakota Beef Industry Council Vice President and rancher, Gary Deering agreed with the sentiment. Deering and several other ranchers from across the state traveled alongside the Olympians at designated stops. “It is exciting to have these outstanding individuals representing our product and our way of life. They also share a deep commitment to our country, and it was great to have them share that with some of our greatest heroes.”
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