OMB finishes 2 APHIS rules, has 2 to review |

OMB finishes 2 APHIS rules, has 2 to review

The Office of Management and Budget’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs on Friday listed two rules submitted by the Agriculture Department’s Animal and Plant Health Service completed within the last 30 days on which the Agriculture Department has not taken final action, but OMB still has two other APHIS rules under review:

The completed rules are:

▪ Rule on Importation, Interstate Movement, and Release Into the Environment of Certain Genetically Engineered Organism

▪ Rule on Agricultural Bioterrorism Protection Act of 2002; Biennial Review and Republication of the Select Agent and Toxin List

The rules still listed under as under review are:

▪ Rule on Forfeiture Procedures Under the Endangered Species Act and the Lacey Act Amendments

▪ Rule on Viruses, Serums, Toxins, and Analogous Products; Expiration Date Required for Serials and Subserials and Determination of Expiration Date of Product

–The Hagstrom Report

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