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O’Neill Cattle Co. Registered Angus Bull Sale

Lot 5, OCC Thunder 6171, a 2-3-08 son of Connealy Thunder, sold to Select Sires of Plain City, OH for $28,000.

Lot 40, OCC In Focus 692, a 1-31-08 son of Mytty In Focusk, sold to Dan and Cheryl Valburg of White River, SD for $7,500.

Lot 237A, Rains Net Worth NW878BC, a 3-19-07 son of SAV Net Worth 4200, sold to Bob Albert of Longpine, NE for $6,500.

Lot 264, OCC New Design 2940 004, a 3-27-07 son of Paws Up New Design 2940, sold to Rodger Kaup of Bassett, NE for $5,500.

Lot 205, OCC Alliance 146, a 2-19-07 son of Sitz Alliance 6595, sold to J.H. Minor Co. of Hyannis, NE for $5,500.

Lot 50, OCC Lead On 519, a 2-11-08 son of Connealy Lead On, sold to Haase & Sons Inc. of Valentine, NE for $5,500.

Lot 231, OCC Grid Line 430, a 3-15-07 son of Connealy Grid Line, sold to Rodger Kaup of Bassett, NE for $5,000.

Volume Buyers: Timmerman & Sons, Springfield, NE; Bob Albert, Longpine, NE; Ey Cattle Co., White River, SD; Tim Downing, Dunning, NE; Charles Bromander, Smithland, IA; Hemenway Farms, Clearwater, NE; and Mike Perault, Belvidere, SD.

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