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Oregon wild horse spay halted

According to multiple news sources, the Bureau of Land Management has halted plans to conduct a sterilization project on wild mares in Oregon.

The BLM filed a motion Nov. 7 saying it does not have the authority to unilateally reverse an official record of the plans, but that it hopes to file a motion to redact the language with the Interior Board of Land Appeals soon.

The motion filed by the BLM says that the court granted plaintiffs a preliminary injunction Nov. 2. The two sides were unable to come to an agreement, and on Nov. 7, the BLM said it would rescind its portion of the Decision Record pertaining to the spay feasibility and on-range behavioral outcomes assessment study. However, the BLM is retaining the portion of the Decision Record that allows BLM to return horses to the Warm Springs Herd Management Area and permanently remove excess horses from the range, said the motion.

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