The old range cow was snuffy

When I rode up one spring day

Tryin to calve in a snowbank

Two feet in her calvin’ gate

I sat on my pony, she looked at me

With a glaring pain-filled eyes

But no matter how she strained and pushed

He wasn’t comin’ out from inside

I felt dad-gummed sorry for her

But in shock; she’s on the fight

So I roped her and tied her up

Though she put up an awful fight

Didn’t have no calf puller

Had pullin’ chains in my saddle bags

Mercy it was cold and blowin,

Took off my coat and rolled up my sleeve

She was jumpin’ around and humpin’

Tail switchin’ blood and stuff

When I finally got my hand inside her

She started bawlin’ and humped up

Guess the best thing about it was

She was warm inside

When I pushed passed them two little feet

Along his slippery hide

Sure enough! The head was back

And she was strainin’ awful hard

Wished she knew I was tryin’ to help her

So’s I could get his head turned

The more I pushed the harder she strained

Frustratin’ as it could be

Tryin to help this cow

And she started to pee on me!

Them’s the days ya ask yourself

Why’n the world am I doin’ this

But there’s a little life to save

And ya got plenty o’ grit

So, between the strains of a big strong cow

Ya push as hard as you can

And when ya get his head turned

He squirts out like a bean from a can

He hits the snow and ya stick two fingers

Up his little nose

To get him snuffin’ and suckin’ air

He’s already turnin’ cold

His mamma will know just what to do

To dry him and lick him off

Ya trip the breakaway honda on your rope

After ya ease onto your hoss

Ya ride away feelin’ glad

At the new life ya saved

And hope to heck there ain’t another one

Havin’ trouble on this snow cold day

So cowboyin’ ain’t like in magazines

Where folks is dressed to the nines

It’s a rugged individual life

No one clappin’ when ya shine


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