Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: An old friends passes, stolen panels at Dupree, Casey Tibbs tribute dinner, Dakota 50-50 | TSLN.com

Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: An old friends passes, stolen panels at Dupree, Casey Tibbs tribute dinner, Dakota 50-50

The beautiful weather keeps holding on. I heard a meadowlark today and wondered if it would be the last one for the year. I always miss them and the other summer songbirds when they head south. It’s so quiet without their songs and makes winter seem a little longer. We got another inch of rain this past week, so we’re sure going into winter with good soil moisture. I’ll bet everyone with winter wheat is smiling.

I went to an old friend’s funeral this week. Ray Hunter, 86, passed away Oct. 9 and services were held Oct. 13. I first met Ray when I was just a kid, probably 12 or 13 years old. My oldest brother married Ray’s oldest daughter and we got acquainted with all the Hunters through that union. I remember going to visit Ray and family at the Berry Ranch at Belvidere with my folks when the Moms and Billie were working on wedding plans. I thought it was without question the neatest place I’d ever been. Ray showed us all around and I loved every second of it. From the historic old log corrals and barns to the steer hides on the floors and the horns on the wall, it was all a cowboy kid could hope for. I got to stay at the ranch for a few days and I got to go with him and Casey to gather some cows. It was sure a different deal for this kid that hadn’t been off the home ranch much. Those badlands breaks and those woofy cows were really something! Ray put me on his top horse, a big grulla gelding, who knew his way around that rough country. I rode out with Casey that morning and saw for myself why Casey eventually became a banker. The sorrel horse he was riding would not be considered a house pet by any stretch of the imagination! I remember being treated very well by the crew and I enjoyed those days a lot. Over the years since I have enjoyed my visits with Ray and we always had a big laugh over something. He never hesitated to express his opinion on any matter, especially politics, so we bantered back and forth in good fun. I respected him and liked him a lot. He wrote a book titled Dim Trails that I enjoyed immensely. I wish he’d written more as it was great reading about the old days and the cowboys and horses he remembered. So, I want to express my sincere condolences to all the Hunter family, especially Casey (Linda), Billie (Steve Swan), Jackie (Dave Driscoll) and Mike (Kim). You’re all fine people with wonderful families of your own and I know that Ray was proud as punch of every last one of you, right down to the littlest great-granddaughter.

Some scoundrel or scoundrels stole some portable panels and gates from the Dupree arena recently. They include one 16 foot HiQual gate, one 12 foot blue gate, three 24 foot homemade gray panels and two or three 12 foot homemade gray panels. Keep your eyes and ears open, maybe they’ll show up. Call Nate at 605-365-5018 or 605-200-0208 if you have any information about them.

There are still tickets available for the Casey Tibbs Foundation Tribute Dinner which will be Nov. 1. Honorees this year will be Chad Ferley, Nikki Steffes, Jack Alexander, Georgia and Harlan Gunville of Gunville Rodeo, Iris Day, and Pony Baroni (owned by Duane Reichart). The shindig will start at 6 with a social hour and will be held at the Casey Tibbs Rodeo Center in Ft. Pierre, S.D. Call 605-494-1094 for tickets. You can also get them on-line at http://www.caseytibbs.com.

The big Dakota 50/50 Sale, Futurity and Maturity will be coming up Oct. 30 – Nov. 1 at Fargo, North DAkota. NDSU Equine Center. The futurity and maturity will be Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with the sale starting after the show on Saturday. The 68 weanlings in the sale range from halter and western pleasure prospects to ranch, cow, barrel and race prospects. Though it’s mostly Quarter Horses, there are some exceptional Paints and Appaloosas in the sale as well. Many of the weanlings have half and full siblings showing in the futurity and maturity so you can see how they turn out. The futurity purse is a whopping $16,546 this year and growing yearly. What an opportunity to buy a weanling and bring it back as a two to six year old for the show! For a catalog, call Nikki Medalen at 701-537-3486, or check it out on-line at http://www.dakota50-50.com. I’ll be doing the pedigrees at the sale, so come on out and have fun with us!

Well, that’s my circle for this week! Send me your events and I’ll share them here!


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