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Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: Chrome wins Preakness, DC bill And processing, CNFR Alumni Bash, clinics, ranch ropings

The grass is sure growing here on the gumbo. We could use a little rain to soften up the crust, but the subsoil moisture is good. Our region should be looking forward to a good hay year.

California Chrome won the Preakness Stakes by a length and a half! You probably already knew that, but I like saying it, so I did. He’s been moved to New York to prepare for the Belmont Stakes on June 7. If he can win that one, he’ll be the 12th Triple Crown winner. It’s been 35 years since the last one, so it’s a tall order to do it. He’s sure horse enough. He’s run with the nasal strips all through his career, which help a horse’s nasal passages stay open, just as they do in humans. New York has never allowed them on their tracks (they’re the last to make any changes for the betterment of horses it would seem), but last week’s NY Racing Commission ruling says they will be allowed from here on out. Chrome was going to run either way, but trainers hate changing anything up on a racehorse and this was a worry for his trainer. You can bet I’ll be on the edge of my chair when the Belmont runs!

There are two bills pending in D.C. that would permanently ban horse processing facilities as well as the transportation of horses for slaughter (yes, none would be shipped out of country with this) in the U.S. The bills are S.541, sponsored by Mrs. HSUS Mary Landrieu, D-Louisiana, which has 28 co-sponsors from both parties. It’s awaiting action in none other than the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee. One has to wonder on it being there, other than that there are no pro-slaughter people on that committee, apparently. The House bill is H.R. 1094 is offered by Rep. Patrick Meehan, R-Pennsylvania with 170 co-sponsors. It has been referred to three different committees (I would be safe in saying none of them pertaining to agriculture). Meehan and others have requested that the House Appropriations Committee reinstate the temporary ban in the FY2015 Ag. Appropriations Bill. The temporary ban on USDA inspectors in the plants will run out Sept. 30. Please, make phone calls, get involved. We have got to get humane processing back as an option in the U.S. There are a lot of voices in the livestock industry, so let’s make them heard!

If you are alumnus of college rodeo or currently participating, the 23rd annual reunion will be in Casper, Wyo., June 20-21 during the CNFR. Though everyone who enjoys rodeo is welcome, the NIRA Alumni extends a special invitation to The Fours. That’s alumni of the CNFR in the years ending with four, such as 1954, 1964, 1974, etc… The reunion will be held at the Parkway Plaza Hotel in Casper. For more information call Sharon Adams at 602-268-5874 or Butch Bratsky at 406-855-1542. You can also check it out at http://www.collegerodeoalumni.com.

There will be a Bob Welsh Barrel Clinic in Gillette, Wyo., on June 7-8. The clinic will focus on horsemanship and, of course, barrels. It’s $300 for the two day clinic and attendees are encouraged to bring two horses. Call Alisha Hanson at 307-689-6807 for info and to make your deposit.

The Sheridan Summer Ranch Roping Series schedule has been released. On June 14 there will be a Beginning Vaquero Roping Clinic led by Juan Ponce. It’s $125 with all of the money going to the roping series prizes. The regular ranch ropings will be: June 15, July 4-5, Aug. 2, and Aug. 31. The ropings will be held at Mefford’s Arena south of Sheridan. I think you can get more info from Crystal Lenhart at 307-751-3375.

In southern Colorado, another case of EHV-1 was confirmed in two horses. They had been at high school and junior high school rodeos in Henderson, Colo., April 26-27, Eagle, Colo., May 2-4, and Rocky Ford, Colo., May 10-11. One of the horses tested positive for the neurologic form of EHV-1 and was put down. The companion to that horse has tested positive for EHV-1 and has run a fever but wasn’t showing the neurological signs at the time of the May 16 report. These horses are a ways from most of us, but with the daily travel of hundreds of horses around the country, it wouldn’t be that hard to come in contact, either direct or through passive contact (clothes, brushes, buckets, tanks, trailers) and be in the middle of a nightmare.

Send me your events and news items and I’ll share them here. You can also find me on Facebook. Have a wonderful week.

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