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Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: Crisp mornings, correction, steer roping, fun ride, good pictures

Labor Day is behind us so it must be time to start on the fall work. I wish I had the fall work done that I didn’t get done last year! It doesn’t look like fall. It looks more like mid-July with all the green grass. I don’t ever remember seeing this area so green for so long. It’s been quite a summer.

It was 40 degrees here for a couple of mornings, so it has the horses looking a little velvety and a nip in the air that requires a jacket early on. Labor Day morning was downright fresh and I heard that Billy Mutchler won the bronc riding during the team roping slack that morning at Newell. I didn’t get to see it, but have it on good authority that he fit a pretty ride. I didn’t hear how he roped in the process.

My family took in the Labor Day celebration here in Newell. It’s always nice to see folks I haven’t seen in a long time and spend time with family that’s there for the rodeo. It was a special treat for me that Bob Hanson of Bison, S.D., was down for the rodeo. The committee honored him and thanked him for his service at the beginning of the rodeo. He’s a true hero and is a spry 95 years old. We had a big visit and I got to introduce my other hero to him and he and my Dad had a good time. Bob is a national treasure.

I need to correct something I wrote about the upcoming Jim Hicks Clinic at Rapid City, S.D. The fee to watch is $25/day and $45/both days, not the $5 I wrote. It’s still free for kids 12 and under. The clinic is “Dressage Principles for the Horseman” and is Sept. 20-21. You can call 435-647-6951 for more information.

Ora Taton, Rapid City, S.D., won the average at the Badlands Circuit Finals Steer Roping in Deadwood, S.D., on Aug. 30. He was the only one to rope and tie all five steers. Ora’s a good hand and cowboy anywhere you put him, so am happy for him in this win.

Golliher’s Fall Series Barrel Race dates have been set. They are: Sept. 27, Oct. 19 and 26, Nov. 1-2, finals on Nov. 8 and the makeup date is Oct. 25. It will be a 4D as usual, unless there are enough entries for a 5D. you can call 605-642-5363 or email zgolliher@hotmail.com for more information.

The SDHSRA Annual meeting will be Sept. 27 at 10 a.m. (CST) at the Red Rosa Meeting Rooms in Pierre, S.D.

There will be a Fall Festival and Poker Run through the southern Black Hills near Edgemont, S.D., on Sept. 27. Saddle stock and buggies are both welcome and it will go from 8:15 a.m. to noon. Everyone will meet at the Fall River County fairgrounds in Edgemont at 8 a.m. The ride will be on private land and the landowner would like for everyone to have their horse/mule vaccinated and a certificate stating the same in their possession. For more info about the event, call 605-890-0858.

I am on several internet sites that pertain to horses and the horse business. I see ad after ad for horses for sale and some of them really make me shake my head. If someone wants to sell a horse, wouldn’t it be prudent to make the effort to get a decent picture of it? I’ve seen horses standing behind three other horses, standing behind a hay baler, a quarter mile away, just their hiney sticking out of a barn door, etc…It’s not that hard with the digital cameras and even cameras on cell phones, to know whether you have a good picture. If a person sincerely wants to sell the horse, be proud enough of the horse to get a decent picture before posting it on-line. Believe me, I have no interest in one that looks terrible or that I can’t see but half of it in the picture, and I don’t think I’m too different from anyone else in that respect.

The key to getting a decent picture of a horse is to have the hind quarters closer than the head, someone holding it so it can be stood up with it’s legs in a good position, and get down on your knee to get a good angle. Then take a lot of them so you have something to pick from.

Have a great week and send me your events!

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