Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: Playdays, SDHSR Finals on PBS, Price Ranch Horse sale, Hermosa bull riding, BLM follies | TSLN.com

Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: Playdays, SDHSR Finals on PBS, Price Ranch Horse sale, Hermosa bull riding, BLM follies

The monsoon season has waned and haying is in full swing in our area. This is one of the few years I can think of that the July fourth fireworks didn’t make me sweat bullets over the fire danger. Not that it’s impossible to start one, but it’s harder when the grass is this lush and green.

I’m always glad to see local playdays being held for the kids to try out their fledgling rodeo skills. My hometown is having the Newell Playday Series with dates of July 7, 14, 21, and 28 for the events. You can enter from 3-4 pm and the event starts at 4:30. There will be barrels, poles, flag race, goats and breakaway for the big-enough-to-ride groups, and stick horse events for the little ones. Age groups include 0-15 and up. I doubt they’ll let me get into the stickhorse events, but I’ll have the grandboys for a couple of these playdays and you can bet they will be entered! I think they’ll be doing some of the horseback events too. What fun! If it’s rainy, call Cheyenne Winkler at 605-456-3297 to see if it’s still being held.

The South Dakota state High School Rodeo finals will be televised on PBS on July 10 at 7 p.m., Mountain time. It’s well presented and the commentary is well done by an actual rodeo person, so it is a good program.

The fourth Annual Bobbi Johnson Memorial Barrel Race will be Saturday July 12 at Besler’s Cadillac Ranch, Belle Fourche, S.D. Exhibitions run from 8-10:30 a.m. and the barrels start at 11. It’s a double header and the average winners will draw for a saddle. There will be additional prizes and payouts for each round too. There is a dress code. For more info call Billi Bacon at 605-210-2561 or Fran McCoy at 605-641-0238.

Denny and Claudia Price and clan will be hosting their Rafter Diamond Performance Horse sale on Sunday, Aug. 3. They are offering 115 head total, 50 being Price Ranch horses, with 30 ranch and arena proven horses, plus a standout set of two year olds, yearlings and weanlings. The sale will be at the Price Ranch southwest of Buffalo, SD. You can check out the sale horses on http://www.priceranchhorses.com and the catalog and other info will be updated on there as it’s available. Catalogs will be arriving the beginning of July. Call Denny for more info at 605-641-5585.

The first Annual Custer County Classic Bull Riding will be at the Custer Co. Fairgrounds, Hermosa, S.D., on Aug. 9. The TPBR sanctioned event will kick off at 7 pm.

Any of you young folks who want to enter up in the wonderful Sheridan Youth Rodeo need to have your entries in by Aug. 11. The rodeo is going to be Aug. 23-24 and will have the usual great prizes and scholarships. You can download an entry form on http://www.sheridanelk.org.

When we get a horse Coggins tested to cross state lines, we often wonder if it’s necessary. Well, it is. Equine Infectious Anemia (what the Coggins test detects) has been confirmed in one horse in Johnson County, Wyo., (Buffalo region). The horse was euthanized and a quarantine was placed on the premises and all horses within 200 yards of infected horse have been tested. They all came back negative but will remain in quarantine for another 60 days and then retested. EIA is transmitted amongst horses, mules and burros by biting insects. It’s important to be current on testing for horses being moved and is required for interstate transport. Any horse testing positive must be euthanized as the disease is generally fatal and there is no cure.

The BLM has a new feral horse program they are going to test in the New Mexico region, which includes Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Standard adoption fees and rules still apply, but at the end of the year, when ownership is finally granted and the title on the horse transferred, the BLM will pay the adopter $500. It only applies to horses 4-10 years old that would otherwise be placed into permanent holding facilities at an even great expense than the one time $500. An individual can adopt up to four of the horses. It think it may work, as people who don’t know better will think they’re killing a fat hog when they receive the $500. I think they’ll get over that notion pretty fast when they realize what they tied onto and what the real cost is. I also have to wonder just how qualified most of those people are to deal with a mature feral horse.

Be sure and send me your event info, either here on this email, or on Facebook. I’m always glad to spread the news.