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Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: Soggy, postponements, summer series, steer wrestling, clinics, founder

My gosh it’s been wet! Rain, snow, rain, wind, snow. I sure feel for anyone range lambing and even those who are calving. It’s been a cold, relentless deal for days now and I think we need some sunshine. Flooding has been an issue over a lot of this region, too. Long winter and long spring. I hope summer lands on a weekend.

You SDHSR kids need to be sure you have your year end report card with you at check-in at your first regional rodeo. Home school students also need their year end completed report card, even if it’s a continuous program.

Sage Newman, Melstone, Mont., absolutely gave a school on saddle bronc riding at the Miles City Bucking Horse Sale Matched Bronc Ride. He rode the 2018 Saddle Bronc of the Year, Lunatic From Hell to win the short go and the whol shebang. He’s sure got style and class on one.

Due to the weather, the Indian Relays that were scheduled to have been at Gillette over Memorial Day weekend have been postponed and rescheduled to August 31-Sept. 1. The Cam-Plex, Gillette, Wyo, will still be the place. Hopefully I’ll be able to go on that date!

Another rescheduled event is the Bares, Broncs, Bulls and Bibles which will be held June 18-19, same place as before.

Dupree, S.D.’s Summer Jackpot Series will kick off on May 30. Other dates are June 6 and 27; July 11 and 25, and August 8. Pre’enter with BreAnn at 605-200-1281. Entries open at 4:30, exhibitions are at 5, devotions are at 6 and entries close at 6 p.m., events start after that. For general info, and especially to make sure it’s on in case of rain, call 605-365-6308.

June 11 is the date for the DeLancey Open Times Event Rodeo at Cheyenne, Wyo. They’ll have breakaway, goats, 3D poles, 4D barrel, and team roping. Enter June 6, 6-10 p.m., at 307-321-5062. Open to 12 entries per event, others will be in slack after the main performance.

There Sheridan Cowgirls Association Summer Series dates are June 13, 20, 27; July 17, 25; and August 8. Events are barrels, poles, goats, dummy roping breakaway, steer stopping, girls team roping and open team roping. Pre-entries can be donne the day of the event from 12-4 p.m. at 307-290-087. You can enter on site until 6 p.m. the event will start at 6:30. It will be at Sheridan, Wyo.

The GD Robinson Horsemanship Clinic will be held June 8-9at the Lazy E Arena, New Underwood, S.D. There will be two sessions each day, $150/session, $30/day to audit. It’s an all aspects clinic, so good for all riders. For info about the event, call Kara Webster at 605-891-1004.

The 2019 Mt. Rushmore Rodeo at Palmer Gulch Series dates are set and are June 8, 22; August 8, 17; September 1, at all 6 p.m. The rodeo is held near Hill City, S.D. You can find out more at http://www.palmergulch.com or 800-562-8503.

June 8-9 is the dates for the the bob Christophersen Memorial Steer Wrestling at Killdeerk, N.D. It’s a four head average, two steers each day deal with $30,000 added and is co-sanctioned with the PRCA. For more info call 701-623-2000.

Entries are open now for the Spud Creek Rodeo Productions Broncs, Bulls and Frankie Ballard saddle bronc and bull riding June 8, Ipswich, S.D. There’s a $4200 cash payout. Call Nate at 605-515-4313.

The Wyoming branch of the National Versatility Ranch Horse Association has set the dates for their clinic/competition weekends. They are June 8-9, July 27-28, and August 24-25. More may be added too. Clinics start at 8 a.m., competition at 9. Held at the Fetterman Ranch, Douglas, Wyo. It’s $225/clinic, $150 for each added horse. Contact Erin Mullane at 205-790-0137.

Be on the lookout for grass founder in your pastured horses. It’s especially risky for horses that are already too fat and have a cresty neck, and ponies, draft horses, burros, BLM horses, Arabs are especially vulnerable, though any breed can succumb. If your horse is standing with his front feet held out in front of him, rocked back onto his hind legs, get him off the grass immediately, stand him in mud or cold water (not hard to find right now), give him a weight appropriate dose of Bute and call your vet.

Well, I hope you’re on high ground and that the flooding and prodigious rain/snow hasn’t caused too much trouble at your place. We’re sure going to have grass anyway. Have a good week!