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Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: Vesicular stomititis, rodeos, ranch rodeos, bronc rides, cow horse clinic

There’s been some rough weather in the region this past week. I heard of some areas that were hailed on hard and others with gully washer rains. It’s stayed dry, hot and windy at our place as of this writing. I think my webbed feet from May and June have dried plumb up and are normal now.

I called my Uncle in eastern Colorado this week and visited with him a bit. They raise wheat and run mother cows and it’s sure dry there. I didn’t mention that I thought we needed some rain after he told me that they’d only had about three inches of rain since January. They’ve had rain on all sides of them but none at their place. One could run low on enthusiasm on so little rain.

Vesicular stomatitis has been documented in Texas and Colorado. Neighboring states have implemented new rules for transporting livestock, which includes horses, into their state. Wyoming now requires that any horse have a health certificate written stating that the horse showed no symptoms of VS, within 10 days of transport. If you are hauling livestock, you need to check with each state to see what requirements there are for entering.

VS is a viral disease that is primarily transmitted by biting insects and causes blister-like lesions in the mouth, on the lips and muzzle, udder, genitals and coronary band of the hoof in livestock. The mouth lesions cause a foul odor and slobbering. Animals lose weight quickly when affected, though VS isn’t considered to be a fatal disease.

The Oglala Lakota Nation Fair Rodeo will be Aug. 1-3 at Pine Ridge, S.D. The GPIRA rodeo performances will started at 6 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and 1 p.m. on Sunday. For more info call Cherise Twiss at 605-867-2396.

The Faith Stock Show and Rodeo is coming up at Faith, S.D., on Aug. 5-10. Besides the NRCA/SDRA rodeos, there will be many other great events including a bronc match and futurity on the 6th, ranch rodeo on the 7, cowboy church the 10 and fun parades, horse races and dances all week. For more details call 605-967-2261.

There will be a Road To Reno Cow Horse Clinic offered by the SDRCHA on Aug. 28, 9-4, at the Central States Fairgrounds, Rapid City, S.D. Three of the leading trainers will be working three different segments with focus on her, dry work and fence. The trainers are Justin Lawrence, Luke Jones and Matt Koch. It’s open to all levels. The fee is $200 with a $50 fee to just audit. Each clinic participant will receive $50 off of one entry fee at the SDRCHA Road to Reno Futurity held Aug. 29-31 at the same location. Clinic signup deadline is Aug. 23. Call Mike Sigman at 605-381-6528 for signup.

The Double J All Breeds Consignment horse sale will be Saturday, Sept. 20 at Stockmans Livestock Exchange, Dickinson, N.D. They’ll have a ranch horse competition for sale horses at 8 a.m. and the sale at noon. There’s still some room in the catalog but the deadline is Aug. 1, so get right on it if you are interested. Call Joe Hickel at 701-230-3044 or John Bearman at 701-720-6674 for info or go to the website for consignment forms at http://www.doublejhorsesales.com.

I look through on-line horse stuff pretty often and some of the new terms “rescues” and “re-homing fees” make me roll my eyes. This has come about since the shut down of slaughter plants and the “feel gooders” want to do their part by helping those poor, unwanted horses. Well, some of the rescues are worse than any place the horses come from, but aside from that, most of them are just trader lots as far as I can see. A “free” horse comes with a “re-homing fee” of more than the horse is probably worth anywhere. I’ve seen some real dandies on these sites with a re-homing fee of $1500 or so. Hmmm….looks like a horse trader deal to me. If there’s a way to make a dime, some scalper is sure to try, and it’s not a new situation in the horse world, just new terminology.

I’d better quit jabbing the nice rescuers and put my circle horse up. Be sure and send me all of your events, items of interest and information and I’ll be happy to share it here. Have a great week.