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Ox Bow Ranch Cow Herd Dispersion

Montana's Skinner Ranch went home with several top females at the Ox Bow Ranch sale.

Date: Oct. 7, 2013


39 Pairs – $6,762

53 Bred Cows – $3,894

45 Bred Heifers – $3,357

33 Open Heifers – $1,789

26 embryos – $553/embryo

170 total lots – $4,142

Ox Bow Ranch, owned by Chris and Nora Hohenlohe and managed by Ken Cook and family, hosted a very successful Cow Herd Dispersal at the ranch just outside Wolf Creek, Mont. on Oct. 7. This sale consisted of all the 2006 and 2007 ranch-raised females, with their heifer calves. Plus a select group of fancy heifer calves, bred heifers, donor cows and embryos.

For over 20 years Ox Bow Ranch has focused on building a highly maternal cowherd that will thrive in the rugged mountain terrain they call home. This sale offering was made up of those time-tested, proven genetics. Many of the females on the sale have raised some of the top selling bulls in past sales. This was a fantastic set of momma cows, heifer calves and bred heifers. They were moderate-framed, but very deep and broody, wide-bodied females with tight udders. These are the kind of cattle that will make money for their new buyers and build a foundation of elite genetics.

The top-selling pair went for $16,250.

Lot 43, Ox Bow Polly 688, a 2/17/06 long, deep-bodied daughter of BCC Bushwacker 41-93 with EPDs of BW 2.6, WW 47, YW 75, Milk 29 was bred to GDAR Game Day and sold for $12,500 to Montana’s Skinner Ranch. Lot 43A, Ox Bow Polly 3115, the 2/2/13 heifer calf sired by OCC Paxton 730P, had EPDs of BW 0.3, WW 47, YW 76, and Milk 22 sold for $3,750 to Justin Koch of Wyoming.

Top Bred Cows

Lot 45, Ox Bow Polly 645, a 2/2/06 daughter of Woodhill Forsight had EPDs of BW 4.0, WW 51, YW 97, and Milk 27. She is bred to Cole Creek Cedar Ridge 1V and was sold to Jim Michaels of Iowa and Jim Wurdeman of Nebraska for $10,000.

Lot 96, Ox Bow Beauty 622, a 1/20/06 daughter of Hyline Right Time 338, sold to M Diamond Angus of Wyoming and Marcy Livestock of Nebraska for $10,000. This proven high-volume cow has EPDs of BW 1.2, WW 50, YW 92, Milk 24 and is bred to R44 Game Day.

Lot 1, Ox Bow Manor 7105, a 2/17/07 daughter of KCF Bennett Index with EPDs of BW 3.6, WW 39, YW 80, Milk 33 was bred to SAV Final Answer and sold for $9,500 to McPherson Angus of South Dakota.

Top Bred Heifers

Lot 22B, Ox Bow Manor 2313, a 2/26/12 daughter of Cole Creek Cedar Ridge 1V with EPDs of BW 1.0 , WW 49, YW 87 and Milk 26 who’s bred to CCA Emblazon 702, sold for $7,500 to M Diamond Angus of Wyoming.

Lot 17, Ox Bow Manor 2300, a 1/31/12 daughter of OCC Missing Link 830M, bred to GDAR Game Day 449, has EPDs of BW 0.1, WW 39, YW 71, Milk 23 and sold to John Moore of Wyoming for $6,000.

Top Open Heifers

Lot 76A, Ox Bow Forever Lady 3113, a 1/30/13 daughter of OCC Paxton 730P with EPDs of BW 4.1, WW 51, YW 78, Milk 20, sold to Jared Schafer of Nebraska for $4,100.

Lot 16A, Ox Bow Manor 379, a 2/18/13 daughter of Redland Emblazon 2134 with EPDs of BW 3.7, WW 51, YW 85, and Milk 21, sold to Dave Strolberg of Nebraska for $3,100.

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