Parents salute six NCTA faculty |

Parents salute six NCTA faculty

Dr. Ron Rosati, NCTA dean (top row, second right), announced recipients of the 2016 Parent¹s Association awards are, from left, Jo Bek, Tee Bush, Mary Rittenhouse, Judy Bowmaster-Cole, Brad Ramsdale and Joanna Hergenreder. Photo courtesy NCTA

2016 recipients:

Teri Jo Bek, Curtis, professor, animal science, 37 years, 5 months

Tee Bush, Curtis, assistant professor, mathematics/horticulture, 5 years, 6 months

Judy Bowmaster-Cole, Curtis, assistant professor, veterinary technology, 23 years, 6 months,

Joanna Hergenreder, Curtis, assistant professor, animal science and Ranch Horse Team coach, 3 years, 7, months.

Dr. Brad Ramsdale, Farnam, associate professor, agronomy division chair, 5 years, 5 months.

Mary Rittenhouse, Curtis, assistant professor, agribusiness management systems chair, 8 months (previously at UNK)

Parents taking note of the influence and guidance provided to their sons and daughters while away at college recently recognized six faculty from the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln¹s Parent Association awarded certificates of merit to Jo Bek, Tee Bush, Judy Bowmaster-Cole, Joanna Hergenreder, Brad Ramsdale, Ph.D., and Mary Rittenhouse.

Two weeks ago, several of the instructors were able to attend the presentation in Lincoln where NCTA Dean Ron Rosati introduced the NCTA recipients. Representatives of the Parent Association presented the awards.

³These deserving individuals were recognized for the positive impact they make each day in the lives of NCTA students,² Rosati said. ³The caring, compassion and educational leadership consistently demonstrated by NCTA faculty has not gone unnoticed by students and their families.²

Between semesters, parents of University students are asked to nominate members of the faculty or campus staff who have made a significant difference in their son¹s or daughter¹s life.

³We pride ourselves in outstanding student/faculty relationships amid the academic endeavors here at NCTA so it is especially nice for our staff¹s contributions to be noted by parents,² Rosati said.

–Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture

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