Pastor in the Pasture: 7 survival tips for cowboys on Valentine’s Day |

Pastor in the Pasture: 7 survival tips for cowboys on Valentine’s Day

A little romance doesn't take a lot of effort, and can go a long way. Thanks to Lone Cabin Coulee Ranch at Bynum, Montana, for sharing this romantic gesture.

Well fellers, it’s that time of year. The boxes of chocolates, the red hearts everywhere, and commercials with teddy bears and ladies’ unmentionables. February 14th is just around the corner and you might be feeling a little pressure. So you’re trying to think what could you get that special gal in your life? What could you do that would make her day and show her your appreciation, but most importantly your love?

Well, I sure don’t know it all but here’s seven things that may help you out, if you’re feeling stuck.

1. Hand her a Valentine’s card and the key to the feed truck. Instead of her getting the gates today, you ride shotgun and get them instead. (Yes, there is another side of the pickup and you can actually ride while she drives. You’ll be alright.)

2. How about you be the cocinero today. You cook and clean the kitchen. It might be a new concept for you but I bet you can manage.

3. While you’re in town pickin’ up horse feed get her a small gift that tells her you were thinkin’ about her. Your feed store might have a Montana Silversmith display with jewlery and such. Yeah, the fellers that load your feed might start ribbin’ you, but you don’t live with them. Your wife will definitely appreciate the gesture.

4. Is there a project around the headquarters that she’s been wantin’ finished? If your outfit is like ours then there’s always something that gets pushed back to be finished another day. How about carving some time out and finishing it up for her?

5. If you have young children, plan a time for you to take them out of the house and give your wife some time by herself or time with her friends.

6. Sit down, just the two of you over a cup of coffee and actually visit, like you did when you were dating each other. Talk about dreams, goals and plans. What are some of the trips that you would like to take together? Reminisce about something funny while ya’ll were dating or that happened on your wedding day.

7. Do something for her out of the ordinary…something that she wouldn’t expect from you. She might enjoy a gift certificate to get her nails done or to her hair dresser.

Men, I know that some of these suggestions are out of your comfort zone. They’re probably something that you don’t want the rest of the fellers around the wagon to talk about during the works. However, rest assured the gal in your life will think awful highly of you if you put forth a little effort and thought.

“Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her…”(Ephesians 5:25 NIV)

Well, I better get on the horn and call that hair dresser lady for one of them gift certificates.

I’ll see ya’ll out in the pasture!

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