Patriot now offering strongest integrated solar energizer yet |

Patriot now offering strongest integrated solar energizer yet

Great just got better. Patriot is upping the game—again—with its strongest integrated solar energizer yet. Introducing SolarGuard 555: All the bells and whistles of the Patriot SolarGuard 155, now capable of up to 0.51 output joules.

This energizer can cover 30 miles/100 acres of clean fence—combining the best traits of the SolarGuard 155 Energizer with more power to cover a larger range.

The SolarGuard 555 has the familiar, portable, 'All in One' design including the internal battery and solar panel in a compact and convenient package. The energy efficient solar panel recharges the internal battery to power the fence line. A large storage capacitor enables the energizer to operate up to 21 days without sunlight.

With sealed electronics and a weather and UV resistant case, the energizer is suitable for variable environments and all-year-round use. Additionally, the SolarGuard 555 is a low impedance energizer and is designed to deliver power to the end of the fence even under a heavy load (e.g. foliage, undergrowth).

Why Use Electric Fencing?

• Animal Safety

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Safe and effective alternative to barbed wire or woven fences

• Lower Cost

Requires less labor and material; animals are less likely to damage fence

• Ease of Construction

Relatively simple and easy to build; can be installed quickly with minimal tools

• Flexibility

Wire spacing and fence design can be varied; temporary fence is easy to move

• Long Life

Using quality components and materials, electric fences can last up to 40 years

Patriot, a recognized name in electric fencing and proudly owned by Tru-Test Group, has been serving farmers and ranchers in North America since 2004. Trust Patriot to give you powerful, reliable protection for all your fencing needs.

For more information, please visit or call 800-874-8494.